Smokable cannabis toothpicks

Cannabis sticks for smoking to hit the US market in January

The young Israeli start-up industry could seize an unexpected new market: that of smoking sticks. Last month, start-up TrichomeShell, which makes a smokable cannabis toothpick called " moodpick“, Broke her fundraising goals as she prepared to enter the Canadian market. This week, another start-up, StickIt, which makes small toothpick-shaped sticks made from pure cannabis extract, has announced plans to start selling its products in the US, UK and Europe next January.

What is the cannabis toothpick?

Have already known the THC rolling paper but what are the advantages of these sticks?

Both products are made from 100% pure cannabis extracts and can be easily inserted and smoked into any cigarette, eliminating the need for rolling. The compounds in cannabis, in its bud form, can vary widely. Although THC and CBD are the most well-known cannabinoids, cannabis plants contain over 100 different cannabinoids that have physiological effects and over 300 terpenes, aroma and odor particles, in varying concentrations.

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Trichomeshell and StickIt provide solutions to this problem, allowing precise and measured doses of cannabis extracts for a consistent effect, making them much easier to regulate around the world. The main advantage of these smokable sticks is their consistency. The sticks allow for precise and measured doses of cannabis extracts, making them much easier to regulate worldwide.

The toothpicks are each made from 100 mg of pure cannabis extract, microencapsulated in a thin layer, made from 100% natural smokable ingredients and specially designed in the form of a toothpick

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StickIt CBD Sticks

What is the difference between these two cannabis sticks?

Although the products appear to be similar, there are slight differences between them. StickIt's sticks lack the sharp edges of the moodpick, but currently appear to allow for more variance of compounds to treat several different conditions. While also being able to manipulate the flavor and smell of cigarettes (listing examples like chocolate, whiskey, and chewing gum).

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Moodpicks are already available in Europe, as CBD only, along with another product from TrichomeShell's, Power Powder, a water soluble cannabis which can be put in drinks to avoid smoking. While the two products will likely compete with each other once StickIt enters the European market, each company's exclusivity in the US and Canadian markets could facilitate financial success and stability.

However, before entering global markets, the two companies have yet to complete the international patenting process of their products. This would speed up the regulatory process considerably, which both companies have already started to do. StickIt is the brainchild of nuclear physicist turned serial entrepreneur Dr. Asher Holzer, founder of several successful companies such as InspireMD, TheraCoat-UroGen., BioSig Technologies, Inc., Maple and others.

TrichomeShell's crowdfunding campaign ran until October 22 and reached 197% of their crowdfunding target, or the equivalent of 5,21 million euros raised to date.

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