Solvent-free hash production

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Your ultimate guide to making sift hash (dry sifting) and bubble hash (cold sifting)

These days, most cannabis concentrates are in the form of oils made with solvents (like propane or butane). Others are made by pressing the cannabis parts between the hotplates to make rosin extracts. However, connoisseurs of OG still have a preference for a category of hash, without solvents.

How to Make Shit Sift Hash and Bubble Hash

Other than the method traditional by hand Hand Rubbed Hash and Finger Hash, the most popular homemade hash by the public is the Bubble Hash. This hash without solvents (chemical) depends on two ways to manufacture it. The operation involves manually separating the trichomes using dry sieving and ice-water extraction techniques.

Dry sifting (sift hash)

Dry sieving is relatively straightforward. All you need is your weed and micron filters of different sizes.

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There are boxes which have several filters of different sizes on top of each other to facilitate the dry sieving process. The size of the filter decreases as you go down ...

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If you don't have this kind of box, you can just use filters of different sizes.

Just make sure you have something like a large sheet of paper to catch the sifted materials. Fold the sheet of paper and move the sifted material to the next filter or where you plan to store it.

Step 1: Perform the first hash filtering

Using a stiff card, you can brush the plant material back and forth until all the resin is gone.

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The first sieve is usually the largest, so there will likely still be contaminants in the sieved material.

Step 2: Clean Up More

If you are using a box designed for dry sieving, there should be a second filter directly below the first. Remove the top filter and set it aside. Repeat step 1 until you get to the last screen.

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You can label each sieve with the size of the micron size screen (filter) used.

How to make Bubble Hash

The Bubble Hash uses ice, water, and screen printing filters to separate the trichomes. Fresh frozen products tend to produce higher quality hashish.

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Close-up of a 160 micron extract (more green matter, but still very high quality)

Fully melted ice wax made from freshly frozen buds can be pressed at low heat to make live rosin. Live rosin is one of the best qualities in the cannabis concentrate market today. As a result, it is also one of the hardest to find and the most expensive per gram.


Whether freshly frozen or not, you will need buds or garnish to bubble hash. You will also need a bucket and a set of mesh bags. You will also need a large spoon or something to stir the set.

Resin Extraction Water (Ice-o-lator) (mesh) bags are one of the most popular ways to accomplish the resin glands of isolating plant matter.

Step 1: Prepare the bucket

First, line up the bucket with the smallest micron filter you have. Continue lining the remaining bags on top so that they gradually increase in size. The larger waist pack should be on top.


Fill the bucket with water just below the rim so you can stir without doing a mess… Put as much ice as possible without your potash overflowing. Once the bottom of the bucket is covered with ice, you can start making layers of grass and ice until you reach the top of the bucket.

Make sure the top layer is ice and not plant material.

Step 2: Stir gently

Let the water sit and lower the temperature. Some hashmakers like to put their bucket in the fridge for an hour before starting the shaking process. Once things are cool, use a large spoon to slowly stir the mixture.

Stir for about ten to fifteen minutes.

As the ice begins to melt, it will be easier to stir and you can increase your stirring speed a bit.

Step 3: Training and Rehearsal

The next step is to filter the liquid until there is nothing left but plant matter and ice. The smaller resin glands fell into the bucket to be filtered.


As you move to smaller sized screen bags, you will be left with purer hashish. Keep them separate and label the micron screen size. Trying each one will help you understand the full spectrum of flavors and potentials that a single strain of hash can offer.

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Once drained, you can fold each bag at the bottom to allow all of the mince to stack up.

Final result

how to make hash
Dry sieving and bubble hash of the highest quality are part of the full-blast extract category

Consider this contemporary guide on how to make hashish. Today there are better tools for making premium hash with less effort than the ingenious hashmakers of the past. The quality of the final product will vary depending on the raw materials used.

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Close-up of 73 Micron of hash (the purest - just trichomes ...

Method by Bubble Man, seen on Hightimes and summarized in video.

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