We have discovered the shazam of the weed

CBD Oil - 2,75% - 10ml

The HiGrade Analyzer, an agronomist in your pocket that monitors the health of your plant and its THC content

The HiGrade app and scope provides, make your smartphone a mobile test lab for cannabis. It's kind of the shazam for the weed. Analyze THC, keep your plant healthy and harvest accurately, all in the palm of your hand. Explanations:

HiGrade analyzer

Le HiGrade Scope turns your smart phone into a powerful microscope, allowing algorithms to detect the status of your plant or bud.

The team responsible for this little gem, uses in this application synergistic abilities in phytology and an industrial vision of cannabis. This tool is able to bring agronomic knowledge to the simple used, in particular to evaluate the potential of THC on a dry flower.

The Higrade Scope Kit

Since the agricultural revolution, plant cultivation has played a major role in the success of human civilization. Only a small number of experts had access to essential know-how, and they gave instructions to farmers, who had to comply.

Times have changed and the revolutions of industry and information have given farmers more power. HighGrade Scope has the opportunity to comply with the cannabis industry itself, via a solid database, collected from cannabis professionals.

Microscope specifications: 30X magnification and LED lighting

Thanks to a learning process, HighGrade offers data sets equivalent to decades of experience in cultivation, creating the first artificial expert in cannabiculture! Since June 2016, the team provides plant analysis to producers around the world, refining the system and focusing on what matters most to them.

Whenever one of our users takes a picture of his plant, our patent-pending algorithms analyze it to detect the state of the plant. These algorithms automatically detect different models, depending on the state of the installation. Many of these patterns are visible only through optical magnification, such as accurate pest identification or pre-harvest inspection.

How does it work ?

It will take only 3 photos, facing the microscope attached to the photo lens of your smartphone. Then you launch the application, and follow the instructions on the screen ...

Example of a photo taken with HighGrade

The process will only take a minute for the health results of your plant or bud to appear, indicating for example an assessment of the THC present in the plant ...

This technology does not intend to stop there, for the moment it can be used to:

  • Detection of nutritional deficiencies and excesses
  • Identification of pests, mold and stress
  • Optimal forecast of the harvest time
  • Power Rating (in THC)
  • Sex at an early stage
  • Expert suggestions

For the calculation of THC, we compare our predictions with hundreds of different HPLC lab tests, many different flower samples made at several leading California laboratories and approved by regulatory authorities. We use different labs to account for the gap between the labs themselves. Our error rate is less than 15% (statistic), about +/- 3% THC.

In the near future, the team wants to include a CBD power rating. And according to the first tests, the technology seems reliable and ready for use. In addition, the HiGrade comes in Pro version, to gain access, you must buy the HiGrade kit, which includes the special device - the HiGrade Scope. (available on Android and iOS)

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