The shake or the remains of cannabis

Ways to use leftover manicure and leftover cannabis

Shake means several things to the cannabis community, literally it means 'shake'. They are "leftovers", which might be the simplest description. But just like “leftovers,” they can be delicious or gross. However, dispensary managers and cannabis connoisseurs alike feast on these leftovers, and for the most part, it's worth buying, here's why:

What is a shake?

The shake or the remains of cannabis

You can find it more easily at a dispensary. When you have small pieces at the bottom of the jar, or where you choose a nice head and it falls apart at the bottom of the container ... These small pieces of cannabis flower break off from the larger buds, usually as a result of a regular handling…. This is what the Shake is, "scraps" of head, and thin stems. However, Shake is not kief, and it is not a substitute for cannabis.

The shake or the remains of cannabis
The Kief another puts cannabis, has nothing to do with the Shake

What is the shake for?

The uses of Cannabis Shake are many. Mainly it is used as a garnish in the joint, to vary the pleasure. In addition, it is very useful also when sprinkling it on top of your favorite foods, like a brownie for example.

The shake or the remains of cannabis

The Shake is also used to make cannabis oil or butter, which you can eat on its own or cooked in your recipes. It can be added to tea, mixed to make cannabis flour, by finely chopping and pressing. In addition, it can even be made into e-cig oil. With a variety of uses, it's hard to understand why shake has such a bad reputation.

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For a number of reasons, the shake gets a bad rap. Most cannabis users don't understand what it really is, and a misconception leads to misunderstanding in the cannabis community.

The shake or the remains of cannabis
Pre-rolled joints, very popular in health clinics

Sometimes dispensaries use too much in their pre-rolled joints, for the sake of economy. However too dosed, this can lead to bitterness, followed by headaches… Other dispensaries have been known to combine these “leftovers” with a different herb… Which is problematic when you are a patient treated with medical cannabis . Indeed it is recommended to use a single herb to cure a specific disease.

The shake or the remains of cannabis

When you are a medical patient and go to dispensaries, you will need to systematically ask for the composition of these “leftovers”. In general it is more preferable when it comes from a single plant, and it has been shaken to that asset. And there, the shake is a nice addition, even very tasty and therapeutic. In conclusion, the shake is very good when added to the routine of cannabis consumption. A medical or recreational addition reflects, and this is where its main interest lies.

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