San Francisco bans indoor tobacco consumption and allows cannabis

In a trend reversal, San Francisco decides to ban smoking of tobacco inside buildings while allowing the consumption of cannabis indoors

Green wave of cannabis legalization continues as San Francisco watchdog adopted an amendment exempting the use of cannabis in apartments, while also banning the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes.

The measure targets tobacco and e-cigarettes in order to reduce second-hand smoke

The original proposal sought to exempt consumers of medical cannabis from the indoor smoking ban, but the council also allowed recreational use of cannabis in apartments due to its illegality in public.

Without the ability to smoke in private, cannabis users would have nowhere to go to consume the plant, which is increasingly legal throughout the United States for private and personal consumption.

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, author of the amendment to exempt the use of cannabis, said that "tobacco smokers and cannabis smokers are fundamentally in a different position under state law."

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“Tobacco smokers, who cannot smoke in their building, can go out on the sidewalk. There are other public areas where they are allowed to smoke. Cannabis smokers do not have this alternative ”.

Permission to smoke cannabis indoors in San Francisco follows a monumental decision of the United Nations to reclassify cannabis, which is no longer a Schedule IV substance such as heroin. In addition, a recent study revealed that CBD has no effect on driving and that THC only has a mild effect for a few hours.

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Each of these events represents a continued dissolution of the stigma surrounding cannabis, and suggests that we are moving towards a wider acceptance of cannabis in various contexts.

In addition, in the immediate future, Congress is expected to pass the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and De-listing (MORE) law this week. This law Project will remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances, decriminalizing it federally across the country.

The MORE law will also remove some criminal records associated with cannabis-related offenses, allow further testing and research on the drug, and give veterans recommendations on VA medicinal marijuana.

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