On Valentine's Day, the gift ideas are blooming ...

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Were your last Valentine's Day special or boring?

The 14 February celebrates lovers and is no longer limited to jewelry, perfumes, chocolates and other bouquets of flowers. The cannabis industry is booming, especially with the boom in recreational recreation in full swing. Lots of sweet and sexy plant-based gift ideas to offer to your Valentine, flourish on the market. Joking aside, adding cannabis to your Valentine's Day is quite logical. Cannabis has the gift of deepening relationships between people and strengthening feelings of love and affection - so much so that it would be odd not to include it that day.

Here are the best ways to have a Valentine's Day themed cannabis!

The bouquet to make simple

All you have to do is to buy a bouquet of flowers and strategically place a few colorful buds. Some ideas click here.

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Hemp oil stands out ...

Indeed: lip balms, bath bombs, perfumes, massage oils, shampoos, confectionery, herbal teas. It is possible today to find all kinds of derivatives. The plant is currently rebuilding a youth especially in our cosmetics.

The massage infused with cannabis

"Scientific studies have shown some properties, such as a change., slowing down and even reversing the signs of age on the skin. These plant extracts would also contain stronger antioxidants than vitamin E. " Edwin Bendek, Colombian dermatologist.

If vegetable oils are very good for taking care of your body, hemp oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, used in cosmetics has significant benefits: prevention of signs of aging, treatment of diseases like l acne, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Initiate your spouse to spray

Offer him a vaporizer: an ultra modern device that can handle both the cannabis flower and its concentrates. Designed for those who love the latest and most advanced technologies, the vaporizer delivers tasty steam puffs in just a few seconds and is a solution against tobacco.

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Serve breakfast in bed

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so have breakfast in bed. But we are going to make a breakfast that your darling will remember.

Prepare some Marrakech butter the day before. With that, you can spread anything, from pancakes to waffles to toasts, there is no shortage of ideas ....

A romantic dinner

A dinner or watch a movie are enough for you and your beloved but it could turn into a nightmare when going to bed.

Do not forget ! If you "consume", "eat", "spray", make sure your intentions are clear, voluntary and legal, because Valentine's Day is first made for love and intimacy. Not to make someone hover without telling him the plan could turn to bad trip ... What to spend a Valentine's day as successful as surprising ...

So be sure to stock up on your cannabis products before the International Day of Love. Your loved ones will probably appreciate the gesture.

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