Rwanda to allow cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes

Rwanda expands its sources of income

The Rwandan government will issue licenses for the cultivation of cannabis for medical use. A déclaration faite Last Tuesday the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) following the cabinet decision that approved regulatory guidelines on the cultivation, processing and export of therapeutic cultures.

The Central African country will begin to receive license applications from investors interested in cannabis, although cannabis consumption in the country remains banned.

“Medical cannabis produced in Rwanda is only intended for export markets,” he said. The Rwandan government expects to generate significant export income and employment opportunities in high value agriculture and agribusiness.

Rwandan Minister of Health Daniel Ngamije told Rwanda Television that the country is importing cannabis for medical purposes. However, the country should also be able to supply this herb.

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He also warned that laws and guidelines relating to the cultivation and export of cannabis in Rwanda will be strictly enforced. The government will not allow the abuse of cannabis like smoking, which is criminalized by law. Enditem

A share of this market valued at tens of billions of dollars worldwide

The report of the Council of Ministers which took place on Monday mentioned only the production of plants for therapeutic use with high economic value. Health Minister Daniel Ngamije raised the doubt in an interview on national television on Tuesday. He says: Cannabis production will be controlled by strict measures in dedicated areas and farmers will need to have special permission.

The minister also stressed that the crops will be fully exported and sold to the pharmaceutical industry. Regarding consumption in the country, it remains illegal and severely punished, reports the same source.

Medicinal cannabis for export

The government has announced that it has already started discussions with potential investors and is primarily targeting the Canadian, American and European markets. Rwanda thus joins Lesotho, Zimbabwe, or even Uganda, which have already legalized the production of this plant. Separately, authorities have not yet given details on the start of production or the location of cannabis farms in the country, where agriculture is the main employer.

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