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The 5 tips to use when you run out of rolling papers

Any serious cannabis user should always have a number of essential items with him, including rolling papers… Not respecting this aspect of the smoker's daily life is simply a lack of professionalism… But even the best of between us are sometimes stranded with leaves and realize that they no longer have a sheet of rolling paper. What to do in such a dramatic moment?

Find replacement rolling papers

We all have a memory of high school where someone brought a hair clip. But he forgot to steal a few leaves from his big brother's hash box as well… You found yourself behind the gym, desperately trying to roll joints with toilet paper… And you lost most of the mix during your various attempts….

A joint in “Plus belle la vie”…

Thank goodness this is all behind us, and we now have a huge range of possibilities, for the extremely rare cases where we fail OCB. If you have an artistic mind, you might be walking around with tracing paper in your pockets. Tracing paper is actually an excellent relief paper, if it is thin and of high quality. And it's much better than a magazine or a receipt, in any case… But it's true that it's not the thing that we most often have in our pockets.

Fine and quality, if not the big hassle!

Otherwise, if you're just a poor, down-to-earth trotter on you (peasant!), You still have a chance if you have some chewing gum in the back of your pocket. You know, the silver paper that wraps your chewing gums? If you manage to remove the aluminum layer without tearing the paper that is underneath, this paper can make a proper emergency rizla ... And as a bonus, the sweet gum residue on the paper can act as glue, with a little lick.

Peeling off the sheet of lighted paper can be complicated ...

Roll in corn leaves

Although it can also be considered as emergency paper, the corn leaves work so well that it deserves to dedicate a paragraph. The outer layers of an ear of corn can be dried and used as natural rolling sheets, and this is probably the least bad option for your health! Corn leaves are naturally supple and fibrous ... and they retain these qualities even when they are dry.

The corn husk, the friend of the weed smoker

People in many countries that produce both corn and cannabis traditionally use corn husks to roll their joints. In Jamaica, an island known around the world for its high quality cannabis. A common practice is to dry the corn leaves for use as rolling paper. Generally, they are briefly soaked in water before rolling, to maximize their flexibility. Mexico and the US are two other countries where cannabis users say they use this method ... In the US, you can buy dry corn on the Mexican shelf of many supermarkets, especially in the south.

As with corn, the fibers of many other plants can be used as a substitute for rolling paper ... and some are even better flavored, they say, because the smell of "burnt paper" is absent. The inner membrane of bamboo can also be used as a backup sheet, just as the bark of several trees is sufficiently light and flexible for this purpose.

Make a fortune pipe (bucket technique)

There is another solution to the problem of leaf or bong failure: make a makeshift pipe. There are different means, from the use of an apple or a pepper… Here, we will briefly describe two close methods which can make you get high without hard to find elements. For these two methods, we start with a two-liter plastic bottle, such as a water or soda bottle. The bottle should be cut in half around a third of its height, starting from below. You also need a piece of aluminum foil whose shape adapts to the neck of the bottle, and pierced with several holes to allow air to pass through.

If even grandma does it ...

Simply attach a plastic bag to the cut end of the bottle with tape. Once the bag is fixed, put it back into the bottle by crumpling it. Then place cannabis on the aluminum "hearth", which should simply be placed on the neck of the bottle. Burn the cannabis with a lighter while pulling the bag out of the bottle with your other hand. By doing this, you create a vacuum in the bottle, which brings air - and smoke - into the bag. When the bag is completely out, remove the foil and vacuum the smoke in the bottle.

Gravity bong

A bucket (or gravity bong) works the same way. But we use a large bucket (at least 10 liters) filled with 2 / 3 water approximately. The bottle is placed in the bucket and held down so that it does not float. We place the aluminum foil on the neck of the bottle, we deposit the cannabis. It is burned while the bottle is slowly raised, filling the void inside with air and smoke.

Knife blades

Smoking on the blade of a knife is one of the oldest and most well-known methods of consuming cannabis. It is also one of the simplest, but it can be dangerous! You have to be very careful, especially if you are already high! All you need is a heat source like a gas or electric stove, and two knives. Some people prefer to use a straw or rolled up sheet of paper to suck up the smoke, so as not to get too close to the heat source.

Dangerous technique, but can be very rewarding if done correctly!

Turn on the stove and set it on a medium flame. Then hold the two knives directly above the heat source for a short time. Make sure that the handles of the two knives stay away from the heat source to avoid damaging them. Then gently place a small piece of cannabis on one of the two blades. Press the other blade on the cannabis, so that it is sandwiched between the two hot metal blades.

Avoid hurting yourself!

Cannabis should start smoking immediately. So be ready to suck the smoke as soon as the metal touches the cannabis, to avoid losing it. The advantage of this technique is that it can be used for any type of cannabis. It is because of this range of uses that the tip of the knife remains one of the best known and most appreciated techniques.

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