Rick Simpson, lawyer and medical cannabis innovator, speaks out on curing stroke

Rick Simpson, inventor of RSO oil, and family ask for help recovering from stroke

A prominent cannabis activist and medical marijuana pioneer finds himself in a difficult situation. Rick Simpson, best known for developing an eponymous cannabis oil that some have touted as an effective cancer treatment, is recovering from a stroke he suffered more than two years ago, his woman this month, a health trauma that she says has kept her out of the public eye lately.

“For the past few years, Rick has been absent from the public eye and most of the communications with the world and our much appreciated connections within the cannabis media community have been put on the back burner,” Danijela Simpson said in a commentary. email to H this week. "Rick and I have now, due to a change in our circumstances, decided to inform the public that in May 2018 Rick suffered a stroke and has been on the mend since then."

The Simpson family has launched a campaign " GoFundMe Earlier this month to help pay for Rick's medical bills. As of this writing, the campaign has raised just over $ 5000, with an end goal of $ 160000.

So we organized a fundraising campaign - “The Rick Simpson Campaign” - to help cover some of the medical costs incurred to care for Rick during the past two and a half years and those to come, ”Danijela Simpson said in his email.

Rick Simpson and his care oil

Rick Simpson's oil (or “RSO,” for short) has become a well-known form of medical cannabis that advocates say can be used as a cancer treatment. According to WebMD, although there is "no solid evidence" for such claims, "some preliminary research suggests that certain chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a treatment for cancer." WebMD described Rick Simpson Oil as an oil obtained by washing the cannabis buds with a solvent, such as pure light naphtha, and then boiling the solvent, leaving the oil, "which is" high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ”.

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WebMD also provided a brief history of how Rick Simpson arrived at his medical discovery. “After a bad fall, he discovered that marijuana helped him reduce dizziness and other symptoms". Later, when he developed basal cell skin cancers on his arm, Simpson used cannabis oil as a treatment. Gradually his skin cancers disappeared.

"RSO" is "not a branded product," according to WebMD, adding that Simpson "explains how to make the oil that bears his name" on his website but does not "sell a version of the oil for any purpose. lucrative ”.

In 2016, Rick and Danijela Simpson founded “ Simpson RamaDur LLC", A publishing company which, according to them," was created with the aim of providing the public with all relevant information on the curative powers of cannabis ".

In an article posted on the company's website, Rick Simpson described in detail what constitutes a life mission.

“I've been promoting the healing powers of cannabis since 2001, when I first treated myself,” he writes. “I'm not trying to take credit for finding the cure for any disease. My only goal is to show people how they can heal themselves ”.

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