Richard Branson: "smoke a joint with his child"

"smoke a joint with his child"

 The British Billionaire recommends that parents "smoke a joint with their child"

“Because they will someday; it is preferable for you to be near them at this time there "says RICHARD BRANSON, the owner of the famous Virgin. A billionaire recognized as one of the leaders in the legalization of cannabis in the world. Recently Richard urged parents to smoke cannabis together with their children, which surprised many.

Richard Branson: "smoking a joint with his child"

Famous Virgin owner spoke out in favor of cannabis in front of an audience of mostly entrepreneurs and investors, while offering parents an unusual edge

Richard Branson: "smoking a joint with his child"
McCormick Place

  During his speech at the Convention Center McCormick Place, Branson asked his participating audience to properly educate their children. Parents should just smoke a joint with their children: “Parents should participate with their respective children; because they will one day, it is better for you to be near them at that time "-" I can not let them go out thinking that they are hiding their secret from me "

Richard Branson: "smoking a joint with his child"
Richard Branson with his son Sam: "smoke a joint with his kids - they like to do it too"

   A surprising reaction that caused a wave of laughter according to the media on the spot. Branson is a prestigious member of the International Drugs Committee in the United States; it promotes the idea that cannabis use is a public health problem rather than a criminal concern. Richard said he sees no harm in offering teens the opportunity to try cannabis in a controlled environment, and that this itself is a rewarding step in a child's education. Jointly Branson is opposed against War on Drugs, which he calls a business that has failed miserably.

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  “If the war on drugs was a business, we would have shut it down a long time ago.” Last year he also revealed a secret UN document aimed at a strong attitude to the idea of ​​non-criminalization of the drug. cultivation and consumption of cannabis. Branson has been calling for years to legalize cannabis with top executives who dare to be exposed to this sensitive issue.  

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