The different cannabis resins

the different cannabis resins 9

Resin, Live Resine and Rosin: What's the difference?

In 2017, cannabis use is expanding far beyond old ways of consumption. Today, consumers can enjoy the cannabis plant in a variety of innovative forms, including resins. Indeed these would relax an entire older generation of smokers… Regarding these three forms of resin are all very powerful forms of cannabis… On the other hand there is great confusion concerning consumption, the advantages and disadvantages relating to each. With legalization, the number of marijuana users growing every day, it is important to note what differentiates them so much.


Resin, sometimes called "sap", is the term that describes the trichomes tights that appear on the heads (flowers) and leaves of cannabis plants. Trichomes produce all of the medical efficacy and psychoactive effects of marijuana. And when they are dried, and collected, the trichomes are called "kief".

The different cannabis resins

From an evolutionary point of view, the resin acts as a defense mechanism for the plant, helping it to stay alive during its entire flowering cycle. And this in order to be able to reproduce successfully. Not only is the resin the source of all of the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes, it also helps protect them from ultraviolet rays. The aromatic terpenes made by the resin serve as a deterrent to pests such as insects and animals.

The different cannabis resins
Resin before its transformation into hashish

Cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) and terpenes are all contained in this resin. While more 400 chemicals are found in a typical sample of smoked cannabis, cannabis resin extractions offer a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The different cannabis resins
The Pinkman Goo can "sweat" its own resin

Advantage of the resin

Terpenes are extremely volatile molecules characterized by relatively low boiling points. This means that any resin extraction process involving heat - like butane oil (BHO) or rosin - will necessarily destroy some of the terpenes. This, in turn, will decrease the medical effectiveness of the sample.

The different cannabis resins
Mainly medical benefits ...

"Resin" is also a common reference for brown or black "tar" that builds up in bong pipes (especially if you smoke potency weed). However, the resin is the resin, whether it is burnt or not… Some desperate smokers scrape the burnt resin from their bong or their pipe… This in a last effort in order to obtain a last “high” of THC…


Rosin, also known as 'rosin tech', is a cannabis concentrate in which the dried and hardened flowers of the plant are pressed under a combination of heat and pressure to release a resin rich in THC. Unlike more traditional forms of extraction, such as BHO and CO2, the production of Rosin (translated as rosin) can be done safely in the home.

The different cannabis resins
“Rosin”, very fresh ...

While BHO concentrates are often made in the backyard, the process involves dangerous solvents which are flammable… This can cause explosions, or even char buildings (usually due to improper handling). Likewise, CO2 extraction requires trained operators and very expensive equipment. In other words, BHO and CO2 extraction are decidedly industrial and professional procedures requiring specialized machinery and facilities.

The different cannabis resins
"Rosin Tech": a simple hair straightener ...

Rosin (tech) offers a safe and healthy alternative involving absolutely no extraction solvent. And for the price of a hair straightener… In fact, it suffices to squeeze the buds for a few seconds to create a concentrated golden oil… In addition, we must remember the rule: the quality of Rosin is very dependent of the potency and purity of the buds used in its production.

The different cannabis resins
A clean and ready end product in minutes ...

Some innovative dispensaries in California are starting to offer onsite presses to their customers. This allows buyers to expand the variety of cannabis in their medicine cabinet.

 Live Resin

Live Resin is the latest form of cannabis concentrate to emerge in legal states like California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Unlike “Rosin”, but like BHO and CO2 concentrates, live resin requires expensive laboratory equipment and skilled technicians.

The different cannabis resins
"Small" lab 4 type installation ...

This increasingly popular and unique form of cannabis concentrate involves the cryogenic freezing of a freshly harvested plant at temperatures below –180 °. This process is called "full plant" or "full spectrum". It involves the whole plant, including the flowers, leaves, branches, and even the stem.

The different cannabis resins
Live resin is around $ 100 per gram ...

Cannabis users who focus on terpenes and their medical efficacy gravitate towards Live Resin. Because it preserves the terpene profile of the plant. Other processes, such as CO2 and BHO, generally result in the loss of several or most terpenes due to the heat involved.

The different cannabis resins
Beautiful under the microscope

Because terpenes are responsible for the sometimes pungent smell of cannabis, live resin has a much fuller aroma. In addition, it offers greater medical efficiency.

The different cannabis resins
Dabs strongly advised ^^

Due to cryogenic freezing, Live Resin is generally the most expensive form of concentrate. However, it is also the most promising when it comes to preserving medical efficacy. But also and above all the best way to keep the power of a freshly harvested plant. Live resins can vary between 65 and 95% THC concentration ...

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