Do you know the Reggie Weed?

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Reggie Weed or Brick Weed What is it?

If you are a smoker, chances are you have already smoked reggie weed depending on where you live. On the black market, we must therefore be vigilant because the Weed reggie is everywhere.

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Definition of Reggie Weed

Reggie weed is mostly weed significant, of poor quality and low potency. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Canada or Oregon, Reggie Weed won't be a problem.

A little history…

Originally, Reggie Weed was often brick weed too. Brick weed is an inferior product, condensed in a marijuana brick and vacuum sealed with vulgar plastic wrap. Recognizable to connoisseurs, brick weed is extremely dry, light and easy to pack even in large quantities.

With the legalization of cannabis in some countries, the quality of Reggie Weed has taken a hit. The possibility of cultivating in the open allows quality improvement without having to hide and above all to obtain a product of much better quality.

smoking grass, brick, brick grass

Which head has Reggie Weed?

To see the difference between Reggie Weed and a premium Bud, just put them side by side and observe the differences.

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Good quality cannabis is bright and beautiful to look at with variations in colors and scents depending on the flowers harvested. The most important characteristics are the different greens. Cannabis should be green, even if it has other layered colors, and a premium flower is bound to be covered in pearl resin.

In comparison, the Reggie Weed, will look old with shades of brown discolored or yellow discolored. As for brilliance, do not count on it.

And the taste then?

If you've never tasted anything else, it'll probably taste ordinary to you, but connoisseurs won't be mistaken because Reggie Weed tastes bad. It tastes like a kind of peanuts found under the sofa, which is akin to a musty taste. Like that old-fashioned taste, Reggie weed might also have no flavor unless it is flavored with aromatic essential oils.

And the power in all this?

Let's be honest, brick reggie weed has little to no good qualities. She is anything but powerful. Today it is possible to obtain some plants containing up to 30% THC. However, when consuming reggie weed, it will take much more to achieve the same desired effect. One should not confuse the low potency in THC or CBD used for example for therapeutic purposes and the low content because the plant is of poor quality. Indeed, if the plant is grown from a poor stem, poorly packed and stored for a long time in plastic film, the content of active ingredients will be very low.

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Its sad pedigree leads to advise against the consumption of Reggie Weed. There are no precise statistics on the matter, but caution is in order. If in doubt, abstain and your lungs will thank you.  

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