Reduce, stop consumption in case of shortage


How to smoke occasionally or quit after stopping chronic cannabis use

For a number of reasons, you may want to cut down or stop using cannabis. If the market has dried up in your area, or you want to save money, your tolerance is too high or worse than a shortage ensues… Changing your habits can seem like a daunting, even overwhelming process. … But in truth, it only takes 20 days to fight the phenomenon and the rewards will surprise you. Here's how to reduce your cannabis use, and if so, how to cleverly tackle the shortage:

How to take care of yourself in the event of stopping cannabis or in the event of a shortage, whether you are a regular user or not, and some tips to ensure your consumption

Reduce your cannabis use

Changing habits like chronic cannabis use may seem incompatible, but evolving as a person means stepping out of the comfort zone. The cannabis is not physically addictingbut any regular comfort can be difficult to let go. The first step is to find out what you are looking for.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

As the body adapts to cannabis, you may notice one or more uncomfortable symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Bright dream
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in the intensity of food flavors
  • Muscle cramps (especially abdominals)
  • Tiredness

The reason for these temporary symptoms is simply body fit at work without an external supply of cannabinoid. Do not worry, they do not last long and can be easily managed.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

The most difficult aspect of reducing cannabis is calendar change. Everyone has their own time of day or a setting for regular consumption. The workday is over, or it's time to sleep. This first cup of coffee in the morning. All these times will make you think of lighting a fart.

First week

During the first week, the goal is to adjust your daily schedule to compensate for the time spent on cannabis activities. The first key is to change the initial energy of the task, in order to discourage an easy slip towards your old habits.

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Great cleaning

consumption, chronic use, shortage

Ask a friend to keep your cannabis supplies, bongs or vapes included. If not, it's easier to dismiss a sudden urge… A thorough cleaning of your home will help remove any lingering odor that will make that sensitive nose undesirably recall the aromas of your favorite herb…

Plan your time

Turn the time you normally spend with cannabis into something you can be proud of. Exercise is fantastic, not only for self-improvement, but for releasing a feeling of well-being in the body to compensate for mood swings.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

Clean the house, wash, mow the garden, read a book, take a study course: as long as it is positive. Don't feel sorry for yourself because you don't. You know the weed will be back ...

Take care of yourself

Anxieties will occur, as will fluctuations in appetite. Eat a good meal at the start of the day and keep up with cravings with healthy snacks. Snack on salads with dressing for flavor and fresh strawberries or pineapple for sweetness. Hot showers help relax the muscles and the mind. Most importantly, stay tuned.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

Self-image helps with self-esteem and makes you more confident in achieving success.

Week two

For heavy users, the uncomfortable symptoms will increase in the second week. So think of it as a second lap around the track. Hang on to this new schedule, and avoid situations where you could easily get weed. Reward yourself for your efforts and minimize the discomfort at the same time.

Treat yourself

consumption, chronic use, shortage

You've already saved a week of cannabis, so take that money and do something fun. Get a new outfit, have a nice dinner on the town or a SPA day. A good massage will help to break down the deposits in the body and make you feel good.

Clean and moisturize

Avoid sugary drinks and increase your fluid intake. Hydration helps flush THC out of the system, and faster. Iced tea is a great way to drink plenty of water and increase the effectiveness of the cleanse period.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

The body naturally works best when your pH is slightly alkaline (like a battery). So add lemon juice for excess power and flavor. Limit yourself to a soda a day and drink some tea.

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consumption, chronic use, shortage

If you haven't already, get activated! Breathe deeply, stretch every day, do yoga, or take a walk. It will quickly help you to center your mind and strengthen your willpower.

3 week

By now, most of the discomfort will have diminished. Stick to your schedule and avoid alcohol or other psychoactive substances as alternatives. They are much worse for you than cannabis… And the last thing you need is to develop a bad habit…

consumption, chronic use, shortage

Chocolate is forgiven. Right now, food is your friend. The flavors will start to intensify. So really expand your diet with healthy snacks and salads.

The finish line

For the most part, day 21 will mark the finish line, but if you're still struggling with any hunger pangs or irritation, wait until you're feeling fine without cannabis for a week. Keep a journal to record what has worked best for you.

consumption, chronic use, shortage
That Saturday night !! Or in a festive season ..

If stress really welcomes you during the break, CBD products can help eliminate it. Use oils or sprays instead of smoking low THC strains as they will further strengthen the old habit.

consumption, chronic use, shortage

Respect the ideal parameters:

  • Have a smoking buddy with whom you can together
  • Make it a Saturday night schedule, or just at parties
  • Avoid buying in bulk (summer vacation is therefore the BAD time), or if you do, divide it into small quantities ...
  • Stay with your new schedule, it will keep you productive and busy
  • Respect social trends. Sedative strains become more easily a nocturnal ritual before bedtime.

Lower tolerance makes cannabis more enjoyable and more economical. Remember that recreational means are occasional. It's not a party every day. A occasional use will help you be more productive, healthier, happier. And above all, it will prevent you from living with the stereotype that we all want to avoid in times of scarcity ...

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