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The 17 ways to recognize bad weed

You need to be trained, licensed and certified for different trades but when it comes to picking your weed many budtenders have little or no training at all. This is a problem for medical and recreational cannabis users. The quality of the weed underscores public health concerns. Here are the ways to get the perfect product you deserve.

Definition of industrial standards

The cannabis industry has regulations for pesticides, but no quality control testing. Poor quality cannabis can be sold in less scrupulous dispensaries. For medical cannabis patients, it is the legal profession that comes into play if the product does not comply.

Recognize a weed

Unfortunately, we also have cases of growers providing moldy weed. Or who don't care about genetics, say it's an indica when it's really a sativa. And there it is up to the customer to know what they want, and to avoid those who do not provide the right product.

Recognize a weed

A used car salesman will always have the upper hand if you don't look under the hood ... If you don't know the ground rules and how to spot bad weed, good or bad when you see it, you will be in trouble long-term…

1. Look for the crystals

Recognize a weed

In this case, the more the better. A good weed contains a lot of crystals in itself. This is the best way to judge the quality of your weed. Make sure to nab the extra crystals in a 4 Chamber Grinder.

2. The weed should not be too much cutting

Recognize a weed

A good weed shouldn't be dry or smell like it's been spending too much time in the sun… It won't have that “sticky” look and if it crumbles too easily that's a really bad sign. Keep your weed in glass jars.

3. The grainy

Recognize a weed

Seeds and stems are necessarily to be expected. But if you have an excessive amount of stems and seeds, that's a problem. Not just for having to sort everything. But also and certainly that this weed is not of the best quality. The stems and seeds are not smokable… These materials replace the raw material that we are looking for

4. The colour

Recognize a weed

Some other colors are also acceptable, but your weed must be green. You can also find some good weed that looks purple, orange, or red. Brown weed is not an acceptable color.

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5. The smell determines the quality

Recognize a weed

The bad smell comes from too wet weed. Sometimes it will smell so strong that the smell will pass through the container. So, you might need to invest in odor proof bags, or even better use a vaporizer for consumption. In addition, the smell of good weed is a sign of health but also of its quality. But, it's hard to describe the smell of good weed. On the other hand, it is easy to describe an herb that does not smell anything ...

6. Too wet

Recognize a weed

Just like withered grass, soggy grass is not good. Grass that is too wet will decompose ... Also, dry your weed as much as possible, and under the best possible conditions.

7. Leafy

Recognize a weed

Usually, if you get marijuana that is too leafy, it means that it will be stringy and of poor quality. The buds did not have time to fully hatch. This is a sign that means your weed fruiting is screwed up.

8. The hairy

Recognize a weed

Those little hairs at the end of their growth on your grass are like gold. But having too much in excess unfortunately means it will be a weed.

9. Sticky

Recognize a weed

There's a reason rappers brag about having access to this “sticky icky icky.” You will always get a higher “High” with boring (and sticky) crumbling grass. Grass that crumbles too easily is, as we have already said, a weed.

10. The surprise herb

Recognize a weed

It's a sad truth, but sometimes you will never know whether or not weed is good until you smoke it. Many were surprised to end up with an infernal weed while its appearance inspired a certain disdain. Sometimes it's just how you consume it that is at stake. Use an effective device that is suitable for that 'particular' weed.

11. Avoid the dealers wormy

Recognize a weed

Probably the most important point to underline. Relying on your dealership's experience is a matter of trust… Avoid dispensaries or the like that sell you crap. Learning to recognize them is another story, that of your own experience.


Recognize a weed
ROBERT RANDALL The first American who fought for medical marijuana

Experience counts for a lot. The reality is, you're going to have to be patient, be careful what you buy, and if you're a new user, use your friends' advice.

13. Train your senses

Recognize a weed

Some budtenders are only satisfied with the information provided on the label and unfortunately often this information is wrong. The strains are mislabeled sativa or indica, and the names of the strains may be incorrect due to the black market and the morphology of cannabis.

Use the Interpening Loop ™ to measure buds by smell and sight. This in order to determine the psychotropic effect by aligning the shape of the flower, its smell and the smell on your face… Interpening ™ is a method used to identify and understand the variety of cannabis, based on the interpretation of the terpenes of the plant and flower structure. What Looks Like a Flat Graph is an interactive 3D tool that can help you choose the perfect bud. With this tool, you can avoid moldy, old, wet, spotty or mislabeled weed.

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14. The wheel of the Weed ™

Recognize a weed
Interpening Loop

The Weed Wheel ™ is another great tool that will help you know what to expect from a flower purchase. Simply line up the wheel with the aroma option where smell the scent on your face, choose the trunk structure and leaf shape to determine the effect.

Recognize a weed

We can better understand the Weed Wheel ™ and the Interpening Loop ™ by using the Interpellation Guide ™.

15. Take a closer look

Recognize a weed

Did you know that some microbial tests required do not test the most common molds and fungi? There is a tool to solve this problem. The double magnifying glass and the super UV magnifying glass will allow you to see the maturity, health and structure of the trichome while illuminating invisible insects and mussels.

16. The wheel of the Dabs

Recognize a weed

Most cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with hash and concentrates, but may lack technical specifics. For example, what are the differences between wax, shatter, live resin…? Who is purer? rosin or distillate? Who is more powerful, living resin or solvent free? The Hash & Concentrate Wheel ™ allows you to describe the potency, consistency, purity, color and method of extraction of hash bubbles, kief, rosin, live resin, solvent free, distillate, hash oil, wax and shards. The Guide to Hash and Concentrates is coming soon.

17. The Trichome Institute

The only way to know if a budtender really knows his stuff is proof of legitimate training. The world's most technically advanced and modern online and in-person cannabis education is at the Trichome Institute. It's no surprise that the Trichome Institute won the Cannabist's Pineapple d'Or Award for the industry's best cannabis education company in 2016.

Recognize a weed

They are the only cannabis education company that produces expert review textbooks, student notebooks. And they even have government approved and certified training courses. But, you don't have to be in the industry to receive Trichome Institute training. You can access and become certified in Cannabis Product and Sales Training from the comfort of your own home.

Fortunately, the Trichome Institute only certifies true cannabis experts who can prove their knowledge base by testing live flowers, in person, and it's not easy. Thus, the Trichome Institute is the only company offering the training and certification of cannabis sommelier and is called Interpening ™. If you see someone wearing a green Level 2 Interpening ™ pin, make sure it is someone who is familiar with cannabis.

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