US Air Force no longer disqualifies consumers

US Air Force loosens restrictions on marijuana

Previous use of weed will not disqualify potential recruits, although use will still be prohibited by the active military.

The US Air Force has announced planned funding relief from its ranks, saying it will not disqualify more applicants from service due to past cannabis use. “With the change in the laws, the Air Force is developing well,” said Commander David Goldstein. However, the use of cannabis during the service will be prohibited.

U.S. Air Force

US Air Force accepts weed smokers

With the development and transformation of cannabis laws in 8 states. It appears the US Air Force is aligned with the new line and is announcing no longer to disqualify more applicants if they have used it in the past report on Until now, applicants for the service ofU.S. Air Force is he was a cannabis smoker. And if so, how many times has this been produced ... Now, the US Air Force removes all references to cannabis in their questionnaire.

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The fumette will no longer be considered a restriction on the application

"We have a variety of questions and procedures that will ensure that the candidate is not addicted to a substance, but nothing more will be asked regarding past use of marijuana," announced Gina Grosso , deputy chief of human resources in the United States military.

It doesn't matter how many days, weeks, or months. Applicants for service will no longer be disqualified. However, the ban on cannabis during its service is maintained. The US Air Force immediately banned anyone caught under the influence of any substance.

Marijuana rolls

“We decided to stop asking questions about marijuana use” - “because who really matters how many times he has used marijuana? So the question simply removed from the table. »Grosso tells us

In addition, the Navy announced that it would give a second chance to those suffering from various illnesses such as asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more.

"With the improvement in medical capabilities and the changes in the laws, the Air Force is developing well," said the general. David Goldstein , commander of the US Air Force.

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