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University of Colorado offers cannabis sommelier course

The American hemp industry over the past few years has stimulated (and invented) thousands of new jobs for the public. The organization of the Trichom Institute, the University of THC (THCU) offers for the first time a unique course that will offer comprehensive information to cannabis sommeliers, through a certificate including an expertise of a tasting and the sale of marijuana.


Interpening ™

There are as many variants in marijuana as in wine, this is what the Trichome Institute from Colorado. Each variety can be decisive for consumption, whether in terms of high, health and even culinary.

Interpening (registered trademark) is the analysis and understanding of cannabis buds, including varieties (phenotype), quality and relevance to consumers. It is by looking “closely” at the general structure, the smell and the taste while referring to the Cannabis Wheel (Weed Wheel) that the budding sommelier will be able to determine, just like the wine, the vintage and its value for a “gastronomic” use.


How to identify sativa, indica or hybrid flowers and just by scent? Determine that aroma that tingles, and that is likely to be a Sativa… The Trichom Institute program will answer all these questions.

Expert in cannabis

Students who have chosen this course also receive courses in history, and rights in the world of cannabis, referring to the geography, cultures, operations of cannabis companies in the modern economy.

Qualification courses relating to environmental safety regulations, as well as manufacturing processes to maximize profits, sales, technology and patent registration…. The Trichome Institute provides a chance to offer the best expert advice to marijuana users, but also expects to derive the best culinary possibilities from cannabis


The course costs 324 dollars, and just like any “school” course, the student will benefit from discounts (in groups in the USA); the registration fee is $49, which is very reasonable for this profession of the future.


Graduates will be trained in expertise, ranging from level 1 to 3, the certificate will be considered an important characteristic in the cannabis industry in the United States and will increase the chances of our “sommelier” being hired. Grade 2 Experts will be judged as professional tasters in magazines, just like cannabis strains ^^

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