Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease

When Cannabis Improves, Relieves & Can Fully Cure Crohn's Disease Symptoms

 Crohn's disease is characterized by persistent inflammation of the digestive system; the symptoms are severe and disabling, affecting more and more people for no apparent reason. Focus on a disease that was thought to be mysterious and incurable not so long ago.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease

The disease is manifested by inflammation on all the walls of the digestive system, from the esophagus to the anus. It affects men as well as women. And it occurs at any age although the most common cases are between 20 and 30ans.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease

Described in 1932 by an American surgeon who gave it its name, Crohn's disease is a relatively rare pathology and said to be incurable ... In addition, in France this disease affects more than 100 people, the highest figure in the European community . In the United States, this disease inflames the intestines of more than 000 people ... The number of cases is constantly increasing, and today we know the exact cause ...

Severe & disabling symptoms

The most common symptoms of this disease begin with swelling and thickening of the intestinal wall that will disrupt the function of the digestive tract, triggering a series of very debilitating symptoms.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
In some cases, the disease "moves" into the eye ...

Abdominal cramp is the most common of these symptoms; they usually appear after a meal; it is often accompanied by chronic diarrhea and sometimes nausea and vomiting. To this is added persistent fatigue, fever, loss of appetite or weight loss. The symptoms vary according to the individual and can be located outside the intestine, sometimes at the joints, the ocular system or related to dermatological problems.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Bethany Townsend manequin with Crohn's disease, poses with his colostomy bag

In severe cases, bleeding occurs, tearing of the mucosa, intestinal obstruction and in some cases it is necessary to remove parts of the intestine.

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Cause of Crohn's disease

In the past, scientists thought that inflammation would be autoimmune, in other words, it would be the body's own defenses that would start attacking the cells of the intestine ... and for an unknown reason ...

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Old scientific "belief" about Crohn's disease

Since 2011 it is commonly accepted that Crohn's disease is a defect of the intestinal mucosa, caused by the lack of endogenous antibiotics, defensins.

Defensins play a role in homeostasis of the airways and participate in anti-infectious defense. Defensins have antimicrobial activity against certain bacteria, protozoa, The molds and some viruses. Defensive concentrations in inflammatory sites can be high as recently demonstrated in psoriasis, which is lacking in Crohn's disease.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
A newly discovered mushroom would be the cause

However, the direct cause has only just been identified, researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland discovered for the first time the harmful role of a fungus in explaining the inflammation suffered by patients.

Cannabis relieves inflammation

Many people with Crohn's disease use cannabis for self-medication, and many report improvements such as modulation of inflammatory pain.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Cannabis will ease the epicenter of pain

The endocannabinoid system regulates inflammation, outside the intestine is home to the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. This is shown by a study published in the British journal Gastroenterology. Dr Karen Wright of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Bath says the use of cannabinoids helps the body heal and restore the intestinal lining in the event of inflammation. CB2 receptors play an important role when inflammation starts from the gut.

Cannabis is an antidiarrheal

A study carried out by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians of California published in the journal O'Shaughnessy's: The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice demonstrates with the help of 12 patients, that cannabis relieved them of the multiple symptoms of the disease, including an acceleration of daily bowel movements (diahrée), that can be combined with “classic” and chemical drugs (aggressive for the intestine and its “flora”)…

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease

“The Marinol irritated my stomach - with cannabis I am not sick or constipated and I do not feel like throwing up. "

For thousands of years we have been using cannabis to treat diarrhea, we are only rediscovering its use. Patients with Crohn's disease suffer from acute diarrhea. This is due to an alteration in the absorbent capacity of fluids and the presence of bacterial agents. Specifically of a recently discovered mushroom.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Ancient Chinese medicine, once cannabis-based

activation CB1 receivers present in the intestine inhibits acetylcholine released by the enteric nerves. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter known to promote intestinal motility.

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THC opens the appetite

Several studies have shown that the presence of cannabinoid agonist, including THC, leads to increased production of an enzyme called protein kinase.

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Marijuana restores the appetite of people with cancer

This enzyme is essential to the energy balance of the body. It is produced because of some receptors present in the gastrointestinal system. So THC activates these receptors while stimulating the brain to indicate a feeling of hunger.

Towards a total remission of symptoms

The use of cannabis improves all the symptoms, which obviously implies a drastic reduction of the pain. But a recent study goes further, 45% of patients who smoke two joints a day (23% THC and 0,5% CBD) experienced the joy of complete remission of Crohn's disease.The study was conducted in Israel at Meir Medical Center from Tel Aviv. In addition, this is the first placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the treatment of the disease by marijuana.

"Subjects who received cannabis reported improved appetite and sleep without significant side effects. "

Cascade treatment against Crohn's disease
Total reminiscence of the disease in young Vinny Wells (cannabis treatment)

After eight weeks of smoking ganja every day (loaded with THC), cannabis cures Crohn's disease. This is confirmed by some cases of cannabis-based self-medication. Unlike traditional medicines, cannabis is not toxic and does not directly attack (weakened) cells in the body. Thus, this study definitively proves the medical value of cannabis on a disease that was thought to be incurable.

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