5 ways to prevent insects and pests from entering your garden

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Simple things that can sometimes save a culture

Pests are some of the most annoying and difficult problems gardeners face. The best way to deal with them is to keep them out. Regardless of the method of cultivation, pests will infect your garden unless they are not given a chance. Here is a few means of preventing them from entering.


light 262 detect fleas and treat your dog with anti fleas
light 262 detect fleas and treat your dog with anti fleas

Pests often enter your crop using pets for transportation. Do not leave your pets in the garden. Their fur also builds up on the sticky buds.


Clothing worn outside may contain parasites. Even a single pest can be a vector for a fast growing colony.
Before entering, wash your hands and dress in freshly laundered clothes.

Plant Quarantine

Before letting a plant get into a pest-free garden, quarantine it and use a pesticide or a fungicide spray or dip to make sure.

Planting mix

mix The seed mixture
mix The seed mixture

Make sure the planting mix is ​​composed inert or pasteurized ingredients. If the potting mix is ​​not inert or pasteurized, it can contain pests and disease.

Pest roads and airways

Make sure that all the air entering the garden is filtered. Repair cracks, holes or other open spaces.

Some practical advice that fits in any culture

The greater the insect infestation, the more difficult it is to eradicate it. It is easier to treat a small infection than a large one. The most likely to attack your plants are and detailed preventative and pest control methods to keep them away from plants and eliminate an infestation.

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