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The 10 cannabis varieties with the most awards during the year

the 10 most awarded cannabis strains in year 6

The 10 most awarded cannabis strains by HighTimes in the year 2017-2018

Enjoy the award-winning cannabis strains that have charmed the world over the past year. HighTimes unveils its illustrious list of the best cannabis strains currently available to connoisseurs, aficionados and medical patients.

Sour Girl

10 most awarded cannabis strains
Photo Courtesy of CRAFT

Winner of third place in the Hybrid Flower category at the Cannabis Cup NorCal High Times 2016This Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies comes from Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics. It's one of the best collectives in the Bay Area. In addition, Soul Girl is certified "Clean Green" and grown in the sun ...

From its intense smell, it causes a cerebral elevation. Note that farmers will get the best results by growing the Sour Girl organically, in addition to feeding and watering it slightly.

GMO Cookies

10 most awarded cannabis strains
GMO Cookies Photo by THCaeczar

With a unique name and an unusual terpene profile, GMO Cookies has taken the world of cannabis connoisseurs by storm. @SkunkMasterFlex1 found this phenotype jewel in a seed pack of Mamiko Seeds' D-Cookies. Most people would be put off by the aroma and flavor of a strain described with terms such as "garlic, halitosis, and DMT…".

But the rarity of this variety makes it very special. It yields heavy, goes up high, and gives good returns on hash. She has a strong bud structure! On the other hand, give it about 70 to 74 days for optimal effects.

Motorbreath #15

10 most awarded cannabis strains
Motorbreath #15 Photo by Heady Monster

@Sticky_ Icky_O.G is the man responsible for the research of this highly sought after feminized cultivar. Mothorbreath # 15 is a cross between Chem D x SFV OG. In addition, it is the perfect combo between the smell of diesel, with the aromas of the Chem D .

This particular pheno also exhibits a branched structure and atypical of OG dominant strains. In addition, she offers very strong indica potency, which feels like walking through a fog… It takes almost 10 weeks for Motorbreath to flower fully. So be patient and you will be rewarded with some smelly and potent nuggets.

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Grease Monkey

10 most awarded cannabis strains
Grease Monkey - Photo by GreenDotDave

The name of one of the best weed strains speaks for itself! Grease Monkey is an amazing mix of Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies & Cream shining in the light. Terpene profiles vary from phenol to phenol. Some have hints of hot cocoa, caramel and paint thinner. While others give off a scent of vanilla… The aroma is intoxicating and the overall effect intense.

The hash from this cultivar is crazy! If you are looking for a good Bubble Hash, this is one of the best strains for you.


10 most awarded cannabis strains
I-95 Photo by @GreenDotDaveDave

Referring to the longest north-south highway in the United States, Top Dawg Seeds and Money Mike have created a cultivar using strains from the East Coast: (Triangle Kush x OG Legend) x Star Dawg. This is possibly the most intense Chem / OG hybrid you can find! It stinks like a skunk soaked in gasoline, with soft and haphazard Afghan undertones.

Even males are very promising with huge breeding potential. Because many I-95 crosses that came out were also incredibly powerful and pungent.

Over the Moon Kush

10 most awarded cannabis strains
Over the Moon Kush - Photo by Damien Distefano

Hightimes had a taste of this powerful beauty during his cannabis Cup in Michigan, and there is no doubt as to why Detroit and the rest of the Midwest are making their mark in cannabis cultivation. This crossing (Headband clone only x Blue Power) regularly offers over 30% THC. Also, the amount of essential oil it releases is astounding.

Extraction artists love the high yield of its fat-filled trichomes. And growers love the tight stacking and short structure of this exceptional cultivar.

Remo Chemo

10 Most Award-Winning Cannabis Strains
Remo Chemo - picture of Dinafem Seeds

Legendary Canadian grower Remo has teamed up with Dinafem Seeds in Spain to produce this new therapeutic feminized strain, which stimulates appetite and reduces pain in patients, especially those battling cancer. Extremely potent with high THC levels, Remo Chemo offers hints of black pepper amidst the general diesel aroma.

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Indica-dominant plants grow dense and sturdy, so pruning is required during the vegetative stage for higher yields. Outdoors, harvest Remo Chemo around mid-October for best results.

Purple Punch

10 cannabis strains
Purple Punch - Photo by Emerald Mountain Media

The Purple Punch was bred and discovered by Supernova Gardens in Hawaii in 2012. The company discovered a female Grand Daddy Purp in an old package of Grandddy Genetics' GDP and crossed him with a male Larry OG a packet of seeds Cali Connection. This variety has been distributed to a few people ...

But she didn't really find the spotlight until she fell into the hands of @Budologist420 et @_TheVillage. The photos of the Purple Punch started appearing on Instagram a little later. And that's when the strain really started to take off. This is one of the most photogenic and flavorful cannabis strains around!

Sundae Driver

10 most awarded cannabis strains
Sundae Driver - Photo of Rez Organics

A feminized cross of Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie, Sundae Driver is one of the best weed strains of the year. And represents another exquisite creation of Cannarado. This frosted variety has an incredible resin production with a scent and taste of grape jelly donuts ...

The phenotype tracked by Jungle Boyz has caused a buzz online, with high-definition macro photos showing nearly white nuggets that look like tiny diamonds. Due to strong demand, the resale value of these rare seeds increased by nearly 1%…

Wedding Cake

10 most awarded varieties
Wedding Cake -

SeedJunkyGenetics_JBeezy is the man responsible for this exquisite masterpiece of the California Bay Area. It is also one of the best cannabis strains of the year. In addition, this cross (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) represents a true guardian with good yields, strong vigor in growth, excellent flavor and power.

TPA in Los Angeles nicknamed it Wedding Cake. Extractor artists will also be satisfied with the returns and preservation of essential oils. It flowers between 63 and 77 days depending on how it is composed from the start of the vegetative phase.

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