Precautions to take when dabbing

Know the Potential Risks of Dabbing and Avoid Them

Know the potential risks of dabbing and avoid them

Younger cannabis users are more likely to be exposed to newer and more potent forms of marijuana. Dabs is a highly concentrated extract of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. While a typical joint is 11% to 21% THC, dabs can contain over 80%. The "High" is written as "fierce". And therein lies the danger, or part of it. Dabbing is just as spectacular… However dabbers tend to know what to do and what to avoid. But it's important for everyone to know the potential risks and know how to avoid them.


Dabbing is realizing that it is just a contemporary form of “hot” vaporization. The stainless steel (or ceramic or quartz) surface is heated directly and this surface is used to vaporize the concentrate

The different types of concentrated extracts

The flame is never applied directly to the product. As a result, the vapor mainly contains water and cannabinoids rather than the mixture of tar and potentially dangerous aromatic hydrocarbons contained in the smoke.

Active at ~ 450 ° F ...

It has been well established that vaporizing is much healthier than actual smoking. Of course, some rigs can present different security challenges… propane and butane torches require compressed gas which always requires proper storage and security to prevent explosion…

The High

Dab can cause rapid heartbeat, psychosis, paranoid phases, and hallucinations. As well as accidents and falls ... Some are also concerned about the potential for abuse that dab offers. The high is fast, powerful and high ...

Courage Kevin ...

In a study, researchers found that users considered dab to be the most dangerous form of consumption. Yet dabs is similar to traditional smoke, with a view to the same substance (THC). But, the difference is comparable between an ordinary beer (-5% alcohol) and the stronger vodka (95% alcohol).

Due to the tolerance that is developed - more and more doses are needed to produce the same effect. Additionally, while many proponents will repudiate the very idea that marijuana is a passing drug, immersion in dab culture can lead to the abuse of other substances. Particularly among people who are emotionally or genetically vulnerable.

The flying man

In 2015, an oil extraction accident sent Ryne Wilhelmi flying through the air. A valve burst the closed loop system. And then the static electricity from his sweatshirt "caught" the leaking butane gas… That's when his neighbors heard a loud explosion and saw the rocket-extractor in the air. Surprisingly, Aspen Times reported that Wilhelmi suffered only small first degree burns…

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Two after he left the face of the Earth, Ryne landed in jail…. Ryne Wilhelmi was confident at the time his facility was confined within the confines of the law, telling local media that:

"It's legal as long as you're working on a closed loop system."

But local prosecutors did not share his point of view. They accused him of causing a fourth degree fire. A charge to which Wilhelmi pleaded guilty and which could lead to up to six years in prison, as reported by the Denver Post… District attorney strongly opposed to use of extractor

“Marijuana processing is a volatile activity that should only be performed by licensed professionals,” Bruce Brown said in a statement. "… Legalized hash oil (dab) should not be allowed…"

Wilhelmi 26 years old admitted at the time of the explosion that it was indeed "is a legitimate failure" ...

The production

The production of dabs is therefore a dangerous process in which butane gas is used to extract THC. The butane is then burnt, leaving only the thick concentrate. Hobbyists can accidentally ignite volatile butane vapors, leading to fires, burns and explosions so severe that they have destroyed homes ...

A real extraction laboratory ...

The equipment you use during the extraction process may contain disgusting ingredients that could eventually enter your system. For example, your metal bong might be rusty and have the solder on it, which would end up in your butane hash oil and directly into your body.

No health risk with the "Dragon Balls"

However, smoking these anonymous chemical contaminants is preventable. Purchasing high quality equipment and cleaning on your own will help prevent the ingestion of harmful ingredients. So be sure to keep your gear clean.

 The quality of the extraction

The biggest concern is the quality of the marijuana. If you have any contaminants (i.e., pesticides, herbicides, fungi) on your plant, it will come off and settle in the extract. Then when you evaporate the solvent, you will effectively have a concentrate of all these things ...

The gerbouille is a very bad sign in the consumption of cannabis ...

It is truly the real danger. Pesticides are generally extremely dangerous in the way they can affect your nervous and immune system. And no one would want to consume that, or nab a lingering disease ... As if incompetent Dabbers weren't enough, you also have to beware of criminals ... Those who make a quick product with dirty, contaminated material.

 "You have a whole spectrum of unscrupulous people out there who are going to do anything to try and make money," says Dr Melamede. “Personally, I wouldn't use a cannabis product if I didn't know who produced it and / or had it not tested properly. "

The health secret of a good dab, a good weed ...

Everyone agrees that the biggest health risk is smoking dirty BHO… This offers the possibility of ingesting harmful contaminants which may have been infused into the concentrate during the extraction process.


Dr. Sulak is more concerned about the potency of the dabs than the fact that you might burn your house down… Dabs have a high dose of THC that you administer so quickly that your body could get used to the high levels of THC.

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If your tolerance increases, you will need larger amounts of the herbs to reach a high level. Worst case scenario, you might have a hard time getting a High from herbal cannabis after your body gets used to the dabs.

At worst, smoke a fart ...

However, there are many ways to fight high tolerance, such as taking a break or just doing short sessions ...

New form of marijuana

More research is needed on the many health risks, and legalization is likely to increase the rate of experimentation with this new form of marijuana. Health, education and law enforcement authorities need to educate themselves about the dangers.

Dabbing becomes very popular in the USA

A writer for "High Times", which describes itself as the "definitive source for all things marijuana", concludes quite simply ...:

"This fashionable form of cannabis consumption which causes people to undress and roll on stretchers should take a break ..."

Indeed, the growing popularity of dabbing worries even the most hardcore of marijuana supporters. But the Dabbing is safe as long as you buy a concentrate that has been tested clean and which comes from a reputable supplier, or acquaintance.

Tips for beginners

For a beginner, the process may seem a little intimidating. But, dabbing is not dangerous and will give you sensations far superior to what you have experienced. However, here are some tips (for beginners), regarding this increasingly popular method of consumption:

The environment

Important thing during dabbing is the experience which must be done under favorable conditions (especially for a first try). A calm and comfortable environment is essential for this first experience. It will prevent you from being too anxious, but above all a relaxing environment will make the dab experience more interesting.

The THC content being very high (+ 60%), the beginner must experience his first strike in a comfortable place, to avoid any anxiety ...

The good day

In fact, the first experience will be a coin toss. You might feel perfectly fine, or on the other hand you might not feel like doing anything… As for your first strike, choose a day off with nothing planned…

DO NOTHING is ideal for your first dabbing ...

Step by step…

You are a beginner, make sure to start slowly… The effects of dabbing are intense, and can surprise… Start with microdoses of concentrates, and increase the strike as you go…

The first time around, you can't enjoy all the powerful effects of dabbing… Don't be in a hurry, take it easy.


Dabbing remains the hottest method of drinking (literally). A beginner's throat can be burned, especially during an uncontrolled first… Keep water on hand, or some refreshing drink… You will probably cough…

The temperature of the nail can rise to around 482 degrees ...

Have a dabbing expert as a buddy ...

Probably one of the best tips for beginners. Observe a dabbing "professional" on the internet, or have a regular friend as a friend. He will give you the correct instructions for your first strike. But also you will analyze its behavior, so as not to waste your precious extract ... This will avoid many inconveniences, such as burns or an unexpected "high" ...

The advice of a pro, always brings clarity on the process.
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