Pollination with the Ganja Guru

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Ed Rosenthal teaches us from his greenhouse (at home) the hand pollination of “Purple Pineapple Rosenthal's”.

The 25 plants in her greenhouse are no more than 1 feet tall, her garden looks like a miniature forest. In order to optimize pollination, Ed invites us to use a small watercolor brush to collect the precious pollen from the males of "Purple Pineapple".

Ed Rosenthal Guru of Ganja

Marijuana is an annual plant that is dioecious, meaning that it produces both male and female varieties and sometimes also manifests as a hermaphrodite plant representing both sexes. The flowering female marijuana plant creates the resinous buds that we all love, the male plant creates flowers that excrete pollen. To create a new strain of cannabis, we need to cross the two in order to create new seeds that hopefully represent the best of both parenting attributes.

1 / Rosenthal opens a plastic container filled with male flowers and therefore pollen, this one collected in May 2014. If marijuana pollen is kept dry, it can remain active for a few years, he says.


2 / Rosenthal observes the female plants of Purple Pineapple, choosing those which are to be pollinated.


3 / Rosenthal inspects the marijuana buds that are ready to be exposed to his brush. The heads are large; they have undergone a unique treatment rich in nutrients (placed at the bottom of the pot), they are full of water and ready to be "fertilized".


4 / Rosenthal has 25 Purple Pineapple plants in a greenhouse. Like many gardener, he speaks directly with his plants during his work. While the greenhouse receives light during the day, he also implemented an additional lighting system.


5 / The small watercolor brush is plunged inside the male “Fruits” (the flowers). Note that Rosenthal also grows orchids inside his greenhouse ...


6 / Pollen is separated from duff (slang meaning residues, brown matter) of male flowers.


7 / The brush garnished with male pollen is applied carefully to the buds of the Female. During this stage Rosenthal shakes the marijuana. Remember that cannabis is a pollinator plant, which is pollinated by pollen via the Wind; you don't have to be so delicate (simulate the wind)


8 / Buds (buds, buds) on the branch of the Purple Pineapple are covered with male pollen.


9 / Rosenthal adds an extra layer of pollen, making sure to cover the heads well on all sides.


10 / Once the pollen is applied, Rosenthal uses a flickering movement of the hand to dust the pollen from the buds.


11 / Rosenthal labels the branch that has been pollinated. If the process is successful, the plant should produce seed (seeds) within 30 days.


Photos & Article Sources: Gracie Malley from Cannabis Now

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