Zurich police offer quick test for cannabis

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In Zurich, a new rapid test of THC makes it possible to determine whether cannabis is legal or not

Zurich police tried for several months a test to quickly distinguish illegal cannabis from legal hemp CBD. The cantonal police draw a positive balance sheet from these tests. Stève Léger, the spokesperson of the Cantonal Police of Valais participates in the video demonstration.

The fast THC test

According to Tribune de Genève, the Zurich police have conducted several hundred tests to determine the validity of this new test of THC on cannabis. As well with marijuana, hashish and joints as heads. But also with simple leaves and cuttings of hemp ... This chemical process makes it possible to distinguish the two types of cannabis and was developed by the Forensic Science Institute of Zurich (FOR).

The rapid test used was "safe to handle, convenient and reliable," Zurich cantonal police said.

This system makes it possible to quickly and easily distinguish cannabis containing more than 1% of THC, which is illegal, from hemp to CBD (legal) containing less than 1% THC.

The test turns blue with illegal cannabis and red with hemp CBD.

But when the result of the test is disputed, a laboratory analysis is required, says the cantonal police. In addition, the cost of the test is about 3 Swiss francs, ie 2,59 Euro. In Switzerland, the maximum allowed rate of THC is therefore 1% against 0,2% in France. A question arises: how does the French police distinguish legal cannabis from illegal cannabis?

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