The planters of Reunion in favor of Zamal for therapeutic use

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Following the decision of the ANSM, the planters and breeders of the island of Reunion wish to cultivate Zamal for therapeutic use.

Multiple crises affect the island of Reunion, especially in the field of sugar cane. But following the decision of
the French Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM), the planters plan to start producing zamal for therapeutic use.

Therapeutic Zamal acclaimed by planters from Reunion Island

Officially, the production of Zamal is prohibited on the island of Reunion. However this atypical cannabis could help in the economy of the island. Currently the sugarcane plantation sector is seriously affected. But, following the decision of the ANSM, favorable to therapeutic cannabis in France, the producers were heard.

Jean-Bernard Maratchia, is the head of the General Confederation of Planters and Breeders of Réunion (CGPER), in a TV interview he proposes that producers be retrained in the cultivation of therapeutic cannabis.

"If it really is for therapeutic use and the state is behind, I do not see why we would not do it. But if it is not controlled and that the plantation is not secure so that there is no flight and people i come to serve, do not worry!

The island of Reunion has all the necessary assets for the cultivation of therapeutic cannabis, the zamal medical has a bright future. And, unofficially, the grass of Reunion already heals many people.

"Our climates are more favorable to the production in full field, in full sun and all the year of this production. It is a diversification channel among many others. " Frédéric Vienne, President of the FDSEA

Reunion planters are in favor of the cultivation of therapeutic Zamal. However they insist on a legalization very framed.

"It's zamal, it needs a specific framing, it can not be done in any way." Jean-Michel Moutama, vice president of the CGPER, reports us

But the realization of such a project could not occur before a final decision of the French government, and not before at least 2020 according to experts ...

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