Plantations supervised by cows in Hawaii

plantations guarded by cows in hawaii 11

New safety device for cannabis plants in Hawaii, cows…

Most of Hawaii's land is rural, and because of this, many farms grow sugarcane, pineapples, macadamia, avocado, bananas, guava, papaya, corn, and potatoes. CANNABIS… And it's the cows that keep them!


Since 2000, the changes thanks to the local legislation have made that the cannabis has become a typical culture in Hawaii, on the island one can cultivate up to 7 plants at home, for a personal and medical consumption. Cannabis joins part of the landscape, and it is no coincidence that the variety Maui Waui bears his name.

The sweet & powerful Maui Waui

Recently, a Hawaiian farmer (Richard Ha) used livestock to protect his crop of medical cannabis, stating:

"We do not want armed guards, who will end one day, by shooting at us"


In Hawaii medical cannabis is legal, it is prescribed in case of medical conditions such as cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, HIV / AIDS, nausea, spasms and other muscular pains, in case of post-traumatic state and stress attacks. People can own up to 115 grams of cannabis.


Doctors and patients can have a maximum of 7 plants at home, at all stages of the plant (in Canada the maturity of the plant is monitored), licenses for this asset are distributed by clinics recently.

Signature given to nurses to deliver medical cannabis

Indeed the 5 may 2016, the governor sent a bill to create an advisory committee that will focus on effective regulation and expand areas as much as possible, making medical marijuana closer to the patient.

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"Bovine meat" ...

Beef-based security system makes sense… Certain regulations or security requirements must be met as part of a medical cannabis crop in Hawaii - for example, surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and a license of course ...


Richard Ha is a respected farmer, and known in Hawaii; he made his debut in banana growing. From his experience in bananas - he found that thieves often carried machetes to cut the bunches of (banana) trees.

"I'm not going to fight those who take on bananas" Dixit Richard Ha

In theory is that all around the cannabis culture, no foliage and no plants to hide themselves, potential thieves can not hide and so the farmer does not have to worry about anything.


The cows were chosen by several farmers in the region, an agreement stipulated in a charter between farmer that includes several parties.


Whoever uses it for security reasons must feed the cattle. Even if the cows are green, they will end up on the table of meat eaters, this type of breeding (beef) is much more intimidating than that of dairy cows ...

cuidar-cultivos de cannabis

Richard Ha also put up signs indicating that wild bulls are the protectors of the herd ...

The hypothetical wild Hawaiian bull, indicated by a sign ...

The security based on "beef", seems so far of formidable efficiency.

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