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Pineapple Express the sativa dominant hybrid strain

Pineapple Express

Profile and effects of the Pineapple Express strain

Pineapple Express: The sativa-dominant hybrid strain, born from parent strains Trainwrek and Hawaiian. The origins of this strain remain a bit unclear, indeed multiple sources claim "ownership of the name." But is this strain as attractive as the movie of the same name ?

Pineapple Express Strain 4
Pineapple Express strain

Pineapple Express strain information

Pineapple Express is a fruity hybrid with a sativa tendency, which gives her “oomph” with a potent and long-lasting high, providing a pleasantly energizing sensation. This strain is perfect for daytime use. The strain has always been highly regarded by Dutch audiences and it gained further popularity thanks to the film of the same name by James Franco and Seth Rogen.

The Pineapple Express strain engulfs your body with a slight numbness while developing a delicious arousal in your "head" that stimulates your general mood and can develop your creativity. The strain also brings medicinal benefits to those who need a boost to stabilize their mood, their productivity, but it is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pineapple, produces a calm high for the body while stimulating the mind with energizing thoughts that are ideal for being creative or for boosting your productivity. This makes her a perfect strain for day use for regular users. Nevertheless, the phenotypes of Pineapple Express with its high CBD content may provide medicinal benefits for those who need it. Her combination of effects makes this strain a perfect daytime strain that can suit a wide range of users.

The effects of the Pineapple Express

The THC of the Pineapple Express strain can exceed 24%, with a typical range of 20-24%. This strain is strong, and first-time consumers should be careful and take this hard-hitting strain slowly. Different phenotypes of the Pineapple Express strain have been selected to contain traces of CBD.

Contrary to what the movie portrays, smoking this strain will not leave users dysfunctional and aggressive. This strain has the potential to bring users into introspection as well as relaxation. As a dominant sativa hybrid, the effects glide through the body to relax soul and spirit. A stimulating brain high leaves users laughing and happy, with some people finding themselves chatty and creative. As the high continues, the head high boosts focus and productivity, making this strain perfect for doing small tasks throughout the day. This hybrid is the perfect balanced strain for late afternoons and creative moments.

Pineapple Express is not only great for recreation, many users trust this strain for its many medicinal benefits. This strain is ideal for treating clinical depression due to its stimulating nature and energizing effects. The strain can help patients fight depression-related fatigue and re-motivate themselves and get excited to go out or do tasks. The strain's calming and stimulating combination has the ability to improve mood and increase productivity to combat symptoms of stress, anxiety, and restlessness. With additional minor sedative properties, Pineapple Express may also help target mild pain and inflammation such as muscle pain, headaches, and arthritis.

Disclaimer : People seeking relief from a mental condition should be cautious and it is important to know your personal limits. Overconsumption of any strain can eventually worsen existing conditions. The quintessential combination of uplifting energy, calming the mind and stimulating positive thoughts makes Pineapple Express a must-have product for many.

Pineapple Express Strain
Pineapple Express Strain

Appearance, smell and taste Pineapple Express

In appearance, the Pineapple Express strain resembles an Indica strain, with long, tapered, densely tight buds. The strain's olive-colored buds are covered in sweet crystal trichomes (indicating its potency) with its yellow-green leaves separated by amber pistils that curl towards the sun. Depending on when and where it is grown, the leaf color can vary from a deep green to a pale lime green tinged with burnt orange or red.

The famous Pineapple Express variety has a very mouth-watering fruit salad scent. You can thank the outstanding terpene profile of Pineapple Express, made up of limonene, caryophyllene and pinene, for its fruity smell and taste. Just one whiff of the fruity and floral scent of this strain will transport users to a tropical getaway that will melt away stress and trouble.

Once smoked, this tropical bud tastes the same as its smells: delicious! It has a strong fruity flavor that fills the mouth with pineapple and mango undertones counterbalanced by green apple and citrus undertones and tickles the tongue with a distinct pine aftertaste after exhale.

Availability of the Pineapple Express

According to Seth Rogen, the screenwriter and lead actor of the film Pineapple Express (2008), the strain didn't really exist until after the film put the name in the limelight. Since then, the growers have taken it upon themselves to produce a strain to meet what the film describes as "the most heavily doped drug."

G13 Labs claim to have created the strain in the mid-2000s and it quickly spread to medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Since Pineapple Express has become a public favorite, it has been on the menus of many cafes in the Netherlands and the United States. The strain specific phenotypes with high levels of CBD will be harder to find and more expensive. If you wish, it is best to contact your local dispensary to inquire about the details of the strain they have.

For those who want to grow their own plant, the Pineapple Express strain is a fast growing plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors, but is ideal for growing indoors with controlled temperatures. Its branches extend in width, which gives the plant plenty of room to flourish. Pineapple Express has a generally high yield and the harvest takes about 7-8 weeks. This strain is also considered an autoflowering strain, which makes her easier to grow.

The Pineapple Express variety lives up to the popularity of the film of the same name! With its well-balanced high and numerous medical benefits, this strain makes an impressive package. The Pineapple Express strain is highly regarded and looks set to become a staple strain for many cannabis users now and in the future. Much like her contemporary Original Glue, this strain isn't just popular, it's a timeless staple.

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