Patent race of the pharmaceutical lobby


Pharmaceutical companies are preparing to open the largest legal cannabis market in Canada

The benefit of cannabis and its constituents for treating health problems is no longer a secret. The plant has been considered a medicine for millennia… And, barely banned less than 100 years ago… Cannabis is now back in the center of attention of pharmaceutical companies. These by registering in recent years, dozens of patents on the components of cannabis (cannabinoids). 

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The race for intellectual property

A new report from the US research firm New Frontier, devoted to the cannabis industry, revealed that 7 of 10 Canada's leading patent holders in the cannabis sector and its components are large, well-known pharmaceutical companies.

According to the report, companies are in the race for intellectual property (IP) protection. And this just before Canada becomes the first G7 country to confirm full legalization of cannabis. It is difficult, if not impossible, to apply these patents within the framework of an illegal market… Indeed, the legalization as of this October, will give a clear strategic advantage to these companies which have a very competitive market…

“Big Pharma's entry into the cannabis world has arrived,” the researchers conclude. “Nine of the health problems are treated with cannabis. It can be an alternative treatment [to drugs] and impact billions of dollars in drug sales in the United States over the next two years. "

List of leading Canadian patentees

  • Novartis. The US-Swiss company, one of the largest in the world. 21 patents
  • Pfizer. The American pharmaceutical company, ranked first in the world in the sale of drugs (manufacturer of Viagra). 14 patents
  • Geebles. A British pharmaceutical leader, it is the first cannabis manufacturer in the world to obtain FDA approval. 13 patents.
  • Ericsson. Swedish telephone company. 13 patents
  • Merck. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 11 patents
  • Solvay. Belgian pharmaceutical company which distributes its drugs by the American pharmaceutical company Abbott7 patents in the field of hemp
  • Kao. A Japanese chemical company. 7 patents in the cannabis sector.
  • Ogeda. The Belgian company acquired last year by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas. Several patents since 2017 in cannabis
  • Sanofi. The French pharmaceutical company, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and the largest in Europe. - 6 patents for cannabis
  • University of Connecticut6 patents

“Big pharmaceutical companies establish a strong presence by registering patents on time. And the more cannabis-based drugs enter the global market, the greater the possibilities, ”the researchers write.

American administration

However, the identity that runs everyone in the patent list is actually the American administration . In addition, she is the holder of dozens of cannabinoid patents. Particularly suitable for dozens of health problems. (Glaucoma / pain / inflammation / cough / stroke / Alzheimer's disease / Parkinson's disease / cancer / diabetes / jaundice / multiple sclerosis, etc.)

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according to a other report of New Frontier, more than $ 4 billion is spent by pharmaceutical companies and mainly to maintain drugs " Pfizer To treat health problems such as epilepsy, glaucoma, depression, anxiety and stroke. But apart from owning the patents, pharmaceutical companies have also entered the realm of cannabis business. For example, the pharmaceutical company " Sandoz Which is part of Novartis Signed this year a strategic partnership with the big Canadian cannabis company "Tillray"...

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