Peru fights for legalization

President of Peru wants to legalize medical cannabis

The president of Peru has introduced a bill to the country's legislature that would legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. A project that would give medical access (to marijuana) for certain specific cases. But the President does not have all the necessary votes at the moment. The country is crumbling under political division, the fight for legalization has only just begun.


Proposal from Peru

The law project presented by the government of the president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski would allow the legal use of medical cannabis in the treatment of "serious and terminal illnesses". However, the measure stipulates that the recreational use of cannabis - not to mention trafficking in the substance - would remain prohibited.

A divided government

The prospects for the passage of the bill are unclear. Thus, the country's Congress is led by the conservative opposition party the Popular Force (Popular Force), led by the main political rival to the president, Keiko Fujimori. The party holds 72 of the country's 130 congressional seats, enough to block one of the president's legislative initiatives.

Fuerza Popular opposed to medical marijuana

Fujimori criticizes leftist proposals, such as those surrounding same-sex marriage. As well as adoption by same-sex couples, etc. As if that were not enough, the last few months have seen a breakdown in communications between the two parties on the ousting of the Fuerza Popular of the Minister of Education. This therefore leads to political instability and an uncertain future for initiatives such as legalized medical cannabis ...

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President Kuczynski said he did not come to the decision to submit cannabis by accident. He says he was inspired to draft the law after an operation against cannabis that was raided in the country's capital, Lima.

Associative culture considered illegal in Peru

The cultivators were not stereotypical drug dealers. Indeed, they turned out to be parents, who claimed that their goal was to make cannabis oil to treat their sick children, one of whom suffered from epilepsy ...

Among the group of parents, a woman named Aida Farfan, who claims the sick children of 80 people who are members of the "cannabis-growing" group. And who incidentally benefited from culture ... She also claimed to have tried for years to bend the ears of lawmakers on the issue. But his efforts went unnoticed ...

Drug trade in Peru

Four years ago, the South American nation manufactured and distributed more cocaine each year - 325 tons - than any other country on the planet ... In total, the organized crime syndicates in the country are shooting more than 1 billion dollars in annual sales.

Standard cocaine use in Peru ...

The problem only seems to be getting worse, with corruption rampant. Indeed, the country's cocaine production is reaching levels as astounding as the decriminalization of the substance ...

Peru mired in the culture of Coca

It is undoubtedly with this ulterior motive that the President of Peru wants to put an end to the cartels, and move on to something more… medical ^^

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