The Pernod Ricard Group is interested in the cannabis market

The boss of the French giant Pernod Ricard closely studies the legal cannabis market

The boss of spirits giant Ricard Pastis 51 has revealed that he and his rivals are studying the legal cannabis market, with the beverage industry weighing on the potential of recreational cannabis.

Pastis 51, Pernod, Ricard

The Pernod Ricard Group

according to BFMTV Alexandre Ricard, boss of Ricard, Pastis 51 and and Havana rum maker, said his company was' watching closely '' (the cannabis market). The question was asked to Alexandre Ricard, the CEO of the group, during an interview conducted by Bloomberg TV. A request that is not so incongruous. Because analysts are starting to look at the cannabis market while several countries have relaxed their policies in this area.

Mr. Ricard said: “We are looking at this closely. The entire sector is watching him closely. " 

Investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co recently published a study suggesting that the market may reach 140 billion compared to its 12 billion over the next decade, before even taking into account beverages.

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Pastis 51, Pernod, Ricard
Mr Ricard said he preferred whiskey, a drink sold by brands such as Glenlivet and Irish whiskey Jamesons… CREDIT: CHRIS RATCLIFFE / BLOOMBERG

The firm suggested that if cannabis was legalized more widely, alcohol manufacturers might seek to use it in their products, creating new lines that offer a "high" to the consumer.

The marriage of cannabis and alcohol

According to Telegraph, the marriage of cannabis and alcohol already exists, but on a very small scale. In 2016, a small brewery in the town of Aurora, Colorado launched its "Cannabeer," which fused marijuana with beer. Meanwhile, the California Rebel Coast Winery started selling their alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc cannabis last month.

In August, spirits giant Constellation Brands, owner of Corona, became one of the largest shareholders in a Canadian company that grows weed. With $ 4 billion of investment, cumulative to a first in 2017, he now holds 38% of Canopy Growth's capital.

In total, 25 countries have legalized the use of cannabis in order to fight against the black market and secure the revenues of their respective treasuries. These countries include Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey and the United States, where nine states now allow the use for recreational and 29 medical use.

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