PepsiCo launches Rockstar hemp oil drink in the US

Rockstar Unplugged hemp

Rockstar Energy Drink Unveils New Type of Rockstar Unplugged Energy Drink with Hemp Seed Oil and B Vitamins

Last April, the company launched its first hemp drink in Germany. One of the biggest beverage companies – PepsiCO, Inc. launches a new energy drink based on hemp oil in the USA. The company says its Rockstar Unplugged drinks are less about the energizing effect and more about “raising the good vibes” with ingredients like hemp seed oil and added vitamins B1, B6, B12.

PepsiCo debuted in hemp beverages in April 2021 with the release of Rockstar Energy+Hem in Germany. Designed to give you the right dose of caffeine when you need it, Rockstar Energy Drink created a new energy drink formula with the launch of Rockstar Unplugged. With the addition of hemp oil and b vitamins, this next generation drink is more about enjoying the good times than just providing you with 'raw' energy. These elements, combined with a boost of energy, help maintain a more relaxed, cooler attitude for all times of the day, and even according to your moods.

rockstar unplugged
Rockstar Unplugged

The new sugar-free drinks contain 80 milligrams of caffeine, compared to 160 milligrams for most other Rockstar products and 240 milligrams for the brand's highly caffeinated cans. The Unplugged range comes in a slimmer 12 oz can, compared to the standard 16 oz cans and jumbo 24 oz cans.

According to Fabiola Torres, CEO of PepsiCo, 91% of the company's consumers want a drink that lifts their spirits.

“Rockstar Unplugged delivers the ingredients consumers crave, giving us the opportunity to transform the category and introduce new consumers to our line of energy products,” she said.

The products are released in conjunction with MTV for a three-part music series, MTV Unplugged.

According to an communicated, Rockstar Unplugged drinks are available online and at PepsiCo stores nationwide for $1,99 a can. But at the time of publication, they were not yet available on the company's online store.

In March 2020, PepsiCo purchased Rockstar Energy Beverages for nearly US$3,9 billion. The company's stock was up more than one percent on Wednesday, at around US$174,70 on the Nasdaq.

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