The Opioid Paradox


Analgesics that are supposed to relieve pain, actually lead to an increase in pain

A first study of this kind took place in Colorado. "The decision to take opioids could lead to disastrous results," say the researchers


The Opioid Study

This unusual finding can be explained by the phenomenon of severe addiction to analgesics, which leads consumers to take more and more constantly, because of the daily deficiency, to pain ... The analgesic use was defined as an epidemic in the United Statesthese drugs are the leading cause of death to date.


It should be noted that the research was conducted on laboratory mice; but similar results are seen in humans, with the same drugs. The treatment is ineffective to treat the pain, but especially it can increase the unpleasant sensations of it ... Opioids do not have the expected effect for which they are prescribed.


"We show for the first time that even a brief exposure to opioids could lead to negative consequences on pain, especially in the long term", explains Professor Peter Grace, director of research. “We have found that the treatment contributes to the whole problem”. Peter Grace, Director of Research “This finding applies enormously to people taking opioids such as morphine, oxycodone and methadone” explains Professor Linda Watkins


“However, we have shown that short-term opioid prescribing can lead to dire consequences and cause pain that is prolonged and difficult to overcome”. Professor Linda Watkins: "This is a very ugly side of opioids which have not yet been identified to date"

The Marijuana Solution

Marijuana is considered an illicit drug. And the most popular in the world. But addiction to commonly used pain relievers like OxyContin and Codeine are the killers of people the most - according to an international study on drug use.


Recently a new study has revealed that marijuana can fight against the phenomenon of addiction to these drugs. But also help with detoxification.

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