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Panama Red, the pure recreational strain Sativa

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Panama Red the pure and sunny strain Sativa landrace, with a unique energy and perfect for the day

 Along with Acapulco Gold, Panama Red was one of the first cannabis “brand names” that sparked the imagination of the American public. Although both classic and rare, Panama Red is an exceptional landrace cannabis strain from Panama… While this strain tends to produce less than 16% THC, Panama Red offers a pure sativa, strong and very positive High. This great sativa deserves to be recognized since the 60s for its euphoric effect. A sunny strain that overall is recommended for both seasoned consumers and novices alike. Those who have experienced the recreational experience of the Panama Red can only rejoice in its return.

Panama Red

Panama Red is best described as an ancient strain of cannabis. Originally from Panama, this pure sativa rose to stardom in the late 1960s thanks to her typical sativa highs: fast and intense, frilly with a psychedelic high. As cannabis cultivation has matured, Panama Red is one of the fastest growing (11 weeks…) sativa strains with increased profits.

An exceptional strain

Although back in the 90s, this sativa classic is a bit hard to find. Kush and hybrid strains tend to dominate the cannabis market today, and Panama Red is considered a pure sativa. Like most sativas, this strain has a fairly long flowering time. She can be difficult to grow indoors. This is probably the reason why many growers have opted for easier and faster strains, such as indicas or hybrids.

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds
Beginning of the coloring (outdoors)

Moderately potent, this strain produces an average of 10-16% THC. But this bud was considered very potent at the time… You could say that this strain has been overtaken by those that produce between 25 and 30% THC. However, for Panama Red, you don't have to pay attention to the numbers… Its smoke is worthy for any cannabis lover, with its earthy, woody and pungent aroma, slightly tart quite unique in the genre. Notes of tropical citrus will be felt quickly, along with its rise in power ... With a rapid effect, Panama Red is just like its taste, its location and its maturation time. It flowers in 77 days and necessarily it is best suited to a tropical climate (Panama).

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds
The Panama Red is native to Panama, it borders on Costa Rica and Colombia ...

Normally this strain grows outdoors, but it is best for most growers to stick it in a greenhouse. Unless this plant has a lot of access to the sun… For the interior, the same climate should be reproduced, namely to make an effort on the luminosity, and an environment with adequate humidity. It is a difficult strain to cultivate with the other strains, you will have to confine it reasonably and be patient ...

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds
Panama Red, is commonly made in the Pearls Islands (sparsely populated). On the Panamanian coast, it is known to produce a solid psychedelic high, fast and intense….

The Experience of Panama Red

Once you've finished with the test of patience, Panama Red for consumption is a unique energizing strain. Although not as uplifting as some of the more contemporary sativa hybrids. Instead, this bud provides very smooth, comfortable, and psychedelic energy. It is an excellent choice for daytime consumption.

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds

Many of today's strains are so potent that those looking for a moderate (and subtle) “high” are a bit limited in choice. Panama Red is excellent for those looking for a rise without too much verve… That said, this weed does tend to induce paranoia in those sensitive to strains of THC or sativa. Another proof of its special effect, finally according to the people ...

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds

In general, this bud provides a very talkative, cheerful high and is great for sharing. Unlike strains with a 1: 1 ratio (THC: CBD), this bud provides very distinct psychoactive effects. Panama Red makes you happy, and sociable with moderate euphoria. She is "slightly" psychedelic, perfect for relaxing while staying active. Its effect is quite unique and suitable for all daytime tasks.

The highly recreational landrace strain

Panama Red is therefore an excellent recreational strain, it bears the trademark of his country. Not because it is extremely powerful or hallucinating, but because it can be easily shared. It pairs well with almost any kind of social activity. This strain tends to provoke laughter crises, good mood in general. Which means that the fun time is ahead after smoking Panama Red.

Sativa, Panama Red, panama red weed, panama red seeds
Panama atmosphere ...

Medicinally, Panama Red is often used by those seeking relief from mental health conditions such as chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. This strain is also a popular choice for medical cannabis patients battling chronic fatigue. Because it often provides calm, while having the feeling of being very excited ...

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