Our ancestors the Gauls already loved the weed

The love of the French for cannabis does not seem recent. Indeed, traces of cannabis were found among the Gauls

If you are near Clermont-Ferrant, stop by the Bourgoin museum. It will give you the opportunity to discover an example of cannabis use in Gaul in the XNUMXnd century BC. While young French people are the first consumers cannabis, this craze would not be recent. Small investigation at Cannabix the Gaul.

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A gallic grave and a vase of sativa cannabis wine

In the Puy-de-Dôme, near Cébézat, archaeological excavations were conducted in 2015 on the site of the ZAC Montels III.

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They made it possible to discover an ancient Gallic burial place dating from the XNUMXnd century BC, having housed the remains of an ancient Gallic woman whose age has been estimated at around thirty years.

It is on this site that Hervé Delhoofs, archaeologist, discovered two vases. One of them contained wine marked with residues of cannabis sativa, the Indian variety of hemp.

"We found these two vessels in the tomb of a Gaul in her thirties, from the XNUMXnd century BC", Explain the archaeologist. “This is the first time in Europe that we have identified Cannabis sativa in a grave. "

Wines often mixed with other substances

cannabis sativa, archeology, Bourgoin Museum, cannabis infusion, Gallic

It is not uncommon to find wines containing something other than grapes. So wine in antiquity contained many plants, honey and other substances. Indeed the goal was to delay or prevent it from turning into vinegar.

If conservation was an important element, it was probably not the only one. Thus, perfuming the wine with aromas made it possible to improve its taste and flavor. Adding cannabis could no doubt have the aim of adding psychotropic effects.

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So the cannabis-infused wines that are currently being prepared in California are therefore nothing new. Indeed, since the antiquity of many examplesfrom China to Israel shows that this alliance is almost natural.

The exhibition "Exit from the excavations" at the Bargoin Museum in Clermont-Ferrant runs until May 20, 2018.

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