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Orange bud an easy going sativa

Orange Bud is originally from California and fled the war on drugs that raged in the United States, to reach Holland in the 80s. Lineage composed of genetics of Afghan indica and Acapulco Gold,

Orange Bud originated in California and made its way to Holland in the 80s. Lineage composed of genetics of Indica Afghan and Acapulco Gold, a hybrid of Sativa dominant and Colombian Gold and 100% Skunk sativa. Bud has clear flavors, a subtle and ultra creative high. The breeders have kept the specifics of this exhilarating effect a secret, we love it both recreationally and for its medical benefits.

In terms of taste: with intense citrus notes, which range from orange to clementine, with its strong aroma in the mouth and its heavy and penetrating smoke, you can smell it in the lungs it will intoxicate you with its sound. suave and variegated scent.

Orange Bud has a punchy, quick and tonic high that will "give you a boost so you are ready to take on any task of your day. Creative and relaxing at the same time, the high leaves users feeling euphoric. and relaxation perfectly suited to our current lifestyle. Like many sativa dominant strains, Orange Bud makes you active and talkative, these effects occur in waves throughout the day. New smokers should be aware that this can be an intense high (and may turn out to be too much for some.)

With moderate THC levels of around 16% on average, this bud packs a punch. This makes it a good choice for novice users who want to try something a little stronger than usual.

Medically, orange bud being a mood stimulant its use can be useful in cases of stress, mood disorders and depression for example. The revitalizing sensation works wonders against chronic fatigue and muscle tension. Enjoy all of these benefits but be aware that because it gives users a boost of energy, it is not recommended to be used at night. This strain works wonders on a wide range of conditions as it is a mild muscle relaxant as well as a revitalizing effect.

Its flowers are bright green with shiny orange hairs that cover the entire head, paired with white trichomes that have an almost amber hue. Although citrus is definitely at the forefront of its flavor we will also note large touches of cloves, notes of spice, cinnamon and skunk will also come to tease your nose and your tongue.

Orange Bud is an indoor / outdoor plant, but in both cases it needs to be pruned regularly. This plant is resistant to most pests and fungi, making it a great plant for beginner to intermediate growers.

It gives incredible results in expert hands. But this strain, "not taking too much into account for mistakes" can also satisfy a novice grower. It is a compact plant, which has a short flowering time and gives abundant harvests.

It is a very good variety which, without being exceptional, will suit everyone

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orange bud

Lineage composed of Afghan indica genetics and Acapulco Gold

Clear flavors, a subtle and ultra creative high

Intense citrus notes ranging from orange to clementine

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