Optilux LED Grow Light Technology


URSA Otpilux LED Grow Light technology, the most powerful LED lamp in the world

The URSA Optilux is a professional quality LED lamp. Under the center of this grow light, we can produce a PPFD / PAR (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) power of 1370 µmol / m2 / s… This is the most powerful grow light available today.

The true broad spectrum LED lamp

Power is not the only hallmark of the Optilux. The LED lamp also produces clear, visible light while providing your cannabis plants with a broad spectrum of light between 359nm and around 950nm ...

The Optilux shines and refracts light in all directions. The faceplate behind all this glass is stainless steel which provides a perfectly reflective surface.

This broad spectrum of light coupled with intensity penetrates deep into the canopy and helps your plants to vegetate. The white light emitted by the LEDs facilitates the maintenance of your plants.

This is the widest spectrum available for an LED grow light.

high quality product

The 16 glass lenses on the front of the Optilux are specially arranged so that the intensity of the light is evenly dispersed. Besides, the lens in the center of the device can go up to 120 degrees, and the lenses all around will heat up to 60 degrees. This mixture of lenses produces a strong and luminous imprint, for an optimum production in 6X6 (or one for flowering plants 4 × 4)

The main hanging bracket that comes with the lamp is also heavy gauge steel. Indeed, it must be attached to your suspension brackets using at least two sturdy frames or hangers.

Even the optics diffusing light always have a heating point. So, the power is so intense that you will want to hang this light between 5 and 6 feet above your plants, and let them grow towards the light ...

The glass optic also acts as a magnifying glass and increases the light intensity.

The power of Optilux

URSA has developed LEDs for Optilux which can each produce full spectrum light. These range from ultraviolet to infrared (instead of using LEDs of different colors). The ability to have all 16 groups of LEDs producing the same spectrum of light is more efficient and therefore provides more perfect light for your cannabis plants. The LEDs are powered at only 40W each. This guarantees optimum performance and an extended lifespan of over 50 hours.

The LEDs are supplied with 90 to 3015 volts, two sensors are integrated for the thermal synchronization of your culture ...

The lamp spends 640W, and produces approximately 2200 BTUs of heat. Thus, you will need good ventilation if you are working under a grow box.

The measurement in PPFD (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) gives the density of photons useful for photosynthesis on a surface. Each plant has its own needs in micromoles, and that according to the stage in which it is.


To conclude, this lamp has the particularity of reducing both growth and flowering. Thus, we observed shortening of more than two weeks, without disturbing the weight at harvest ... On the contrary, maximizing your light in real time, you will be surprised by the quality of flowering.

« Nous devons tenir compte du type d’éclairage que nous utilisons. L’inconvénient numéro un de la HPS par rapport aux LED est la chaleur. La chaleur stresse les plantes. Avec les LED, je n’ai pas eu ce problème ». – Ty, producteur en chef chez AgroMechanix

The Optilux grow light is a professional grade device that comes with an amazing 3 year warranty to ensure its build quality. Obviously quality at a price (1,649 euros ..), but the energy (and time) savings will easily replace your investment ... URSA has produced a very powerful and feature-rich grow light that is mainly aimed at professional growers or advanced.

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