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Ophélia Chong - General presentation of THE cannabis photographer

Ophélia Chong is a photography instructor at Pasadena Art Center College of Design, the co-founder Asian Americans for Cannabis Education and founder of StockPot Images. His advocacy in the field of art and cannabis does not go unnoticed.

Ophelia Chong has opened up new lines of communication when it comes to the standardization of cannabis. Within the cannabis industry, she was able to orient the public's perception and modify the stereotypes that were once associated with cannabis ...

"You have to influence the powerful media in unison with a collective, coherent and precise research and development, to modify most of the long-standing falsehoods and the shame that we often associate with cannabis ..." explains Ophélia


The cannabis industry has enabled women to take on many well-deserved roles, including leadership. Women tend to take on the role of caregiver, they maintain a sense of softness in this industry, they occupy more managerial positions in the company, and indeed the cannabis plant itself is female ^ ^ This is what we feel in the work of Ophélia, a major phenomenon in the cannabis industry, manager and activist artist of genius in several hats, we will come back to it ...

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