A grass that does not date from yesterday: Head on an old study of 1881

Archive from 1881: Doctor explains how cannabis extract was able to completely stop the tremors of a 40-year-old patient with epilepsy.

Dr. William Richard, epilepsy

There is 130 already, treatment with cannabis was more effective than some treatments including side effects.

In the book " Epilepsy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments  Published in 1881, Dr. William Richard - Londoner, explained how cannabis was considered the most effective treatment for epilepsy. One chapter describes the story of John - 40 years old, an epileptic for 25 years.

"The tremors lasted all day and during sleep and caused dizziness, loss of consciousness and terrible pain, which made it difficult for the patient to dress on his own," the document said.

Dr. William Richard, epilepsy

It all starts with medical treatment ...

John was initially treated with potassium bromide, a substance used as an antiepileptic until the 70s. And although its use is still authorized in Germany in the treatment of epilepsy, the results obtained are not satisfactory. 

“He was taking three doses of potassium a day and after four months of treatment the seizures were not getting better,” said Dr. William Richard.

A plant that will change everything ...

After John started receiving cannabis, the tremors subsided considerably. A plant extract administered to the patient three times a day was enough to completely suppress the tremors. 

“It's a wonderful change,” John said in his testimony.

For six months John had not experienced any tremors. After stopping the herbal treatment, the seizures returned. When he resumed cannabis, the seizures disappeared again.

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Funny coincidence, isn't it? ...

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