Drugs in the Air

New Measures and Studies of the Italian Government

Drugs in the Air - New Atmospheric Measurements & Italian Government Studies

A team of scientists from the Italian government went to check the concentration of THC, caffeine, cocaine and other drugs in the air. THC is in pole position in Europe, especially in winter. South American cocaine is also very common, residues found especially on weekends and that city dwellers consume without their knowledge.

Comparative analysis

As part of modern science and the control of the quality of life in developed countries, many research teams are used to analyzing samples of different types of substance in air, water and sewers in order to '' avoid high levels of pollution of substances considered harmful.

Air measuring devices

A new study conducted by a team of Italian researchers, led by scientists Angelo Sinsintao and Katia Balducci, tested the concentration of different substances in the atmosphere in different parts of the country. The substances tested in the study were THC, caffeine, ketamine, methamphetamine, nicotine, cocaine and heroin. The purpose of the study was to obtain a general picture of drug use in the country itself, as well as throughout the European continent. For comparison, air samples from South America were also observed.

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According to research findings, THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, has the highest concentration in the European atmosphere, and among all the substances tested. In addition, scientists noted that the THC concentration of closed-area atmospheric tests is slightly higher than that recorded in the open air. Winter is the season with the highest concentration of THC in air (1,3 - 21 ng / m3), nearly 2 times more than in summer. The conclusions of the study conclude that THC tends to be kept longer in cold climatic conditions, but we can not conclude that cannabis use is higher in winter than in summer.

Reverse proportion in South America; in Europe cannabis is more present than cocaine in the atmosphere

The results of the comparison tests from South America show a THC level in the air in second place just after the concentration of cocaine which comes in 1st place of all the samples tested.

Hard drugs are weak

The concentrations of ketamine, methamphetamine and heroin recorded in all tests were relatively very low. The research team noted that the predominance of hard drugs in the air is anecdotal, but there are specific places such as nightclubs and other places of entertainment where slightly higher levels can be found.

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Ketamine represents a mortal danger

Levels measured over the weekend were higher than those measured in the middle of the week, on all substances found except methamphetamine. The deduction is simple according to experts: during leisure hours we use the most psychotropic .

That said in Europe, there is a smell of cannabis in the air ...

At the end of the study, the researchers expressed several reservations, notably on the credibility of the analysis of the air in relation to the analyzes of water and soil… Which requires additional verifications, in the occurrence further research on the subject ...


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