Deer and deer hungry for greenery

stags and deer hungry for greenery 9

Will deer and roe deer eat your cannabis plants?

Deer (deer and roe deer) are curious but shy creatures all the same. They are vegetarians, grazing on herbs, fruits, shrubs, flowers and leaves of trees. Once deer discover your cannabis garden, they will feast on the leaves, buds and seedlings. You may never know they were there until the morning when you discover their traces and the damage done ...

deer and roe deer

The grass eaters ...

Deer normally prefer forest habitats and the protection they provide. But they venture beyond the cover of the forest at night, when they are less likely to encounter humans.

deer and roe deer
At mealtime, far from their habitat ...

An important point to note is the levels of cannabinoids in marijuana increase as the plants mature. Most herbivores find the taste of cannabis unpleasant. But not with deer. Finally until the plant becomes mature because at this stage it is not as delicious for their palate and the threat decreases.

So you just need to keep your plants until they have reached maturity. So you can rest easy knowing that deer are no longer a threat.

Closing reception

There are several precautions you can take, the first and most obvious would be to put up a fence around your property. It can be a good idea to keep deer away from your growing medium. But the deer jumps high, and strong ... You will need a robust fence and high enough well above the waist of a man ... Make sure that this fence is tight, the slats must be close together. Also, firmly install the fence in the ground. So the little ones will not be able to slide or crawl under the fence. The bigger ones will break their teeth ^^

deer and roe deer
For this genre (not French), a very big fence ...

An alternative to a strong (and expensive) fence is to install an electric fence. Some people attract deer by spreading peanut butter on it or on a foil tag attached to the fence. Indeed, the deer comes for his treatment and necessarily receives a shock (or two) painful which dissuades him from trying again ...

deer and roe deer

Animal repellents

Deers are frightened when approached, surprised by the sudden appearance of lights. Using this knowledge, you can find effective ways to keep deer out of your yard.

deer and roe deer

Have motion detection lights installed in key areas of your property. Make sure you have the light sharp enough so that it does not shine on the plants But dim enough to only scare the deer and send it running ... Another method is to install motion sensitive “scarecrow sprinklers”.

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deer and roe deer

In fact, intruders will be blown away with a high-pressure water spray as soon as they arrive ... Other devices with a day and night mode that allow unwanted visitors to be removed with noise during the day, and with light at night.

deer and roe deer

Organic repellents

If these options seem out of your budget or you just don't have the time, odor repellents can be used to keep deer out of your cannabis garden. Deer have a keen sense of smell. Many scents are offensive to them, the following is a list of effective deer repellents:

  • Human hair. Pick out the hair from your hairbrushes and "decorate" the plants with it. As you would with a Christmas tree ...
  • The human pee... Have the family pee in a cup or pot. Brush the soil around your earthen plants ... The rain will wash the soil, so repeat as needed.
  • Rotten eggs. Make a spray mixture of 20% eggs and 80% water. Spray all cannabis plants.
  • Garlic. In nylon stockings, hang on the trees around.
  • Predatory urine. Coyotes, foxes, and bobcats are natural predators. Predator urine can be purchased online. Check labels for application directions.
  • The scented soap. Drill a small hole, push across the fishing line and hang near the plants.
  • Balls of moths. Place several in a nylon stocking and hang nearby ...
deer and roe deer
The repellents attack the smell, but do no harm to such a beautiful creature

These are a few tips that should help. But it's important to note that deer might get used to the repellents you use. Therefore, periodically change them and combine with the tips.

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