THC in a "truth serum"

THC, in a "serum of truth"

THC, in a “truth serum” - When the US government developed a cannabis extract for interrogation sessions.

Infusions, concoctions, extractions involving cannabinoids are not new and have been used for millennia. Over time these products evolved into powerful medicinal forms, in the form of tablets in American pharmacies in 1800. As for solvent-based extraction, the manufacture appeared in 1940. Declassified documents from the CIA, would imply THC extracts as early as 1943, in the case of prisoner interrogations.


Premises of the MK Ultra Program

Declassified documents intelligence during the Second World War, point the OSS (US Office of Strategic Services), to have incorporated into its "truth serum" THC in a very controversial program using a panoply of biochemicals.

LSD used in MK Ultra program

The man in charge of this program, George White, used hashish, cannabis oils, as well as LSD preparations, to interrogate prisoners and civilians. These controversial techniques were later used by Mr. White throughout the 40s and 50s, under the much publicized CIA (formerly OSS) program, the "MK Ultra".

Tetrahydrocannabinol acetate

A 1945 report tells us that half a dozen different drugs have been tested on subjects claiming "cannabis as the drug of choice." Of the three forms of cannabis, OSS researchers seem to have greatly appreciated tetrahydrocannabinol acetate, a liquid extract form of marijuana.

Tetrahydrocannabinol acetate

The OSS says subjects were more likely to open up during questioning when they didn't know they were high. The interrogators injected extracts of tobacco and cannabis, without the subjects knowing anything about it, with the aim of "manipulating the situation so that the subject does not know that he has been drugged or that he is behaving abnormally. ".

OSS 117 ...

The prisoner felt a certain comfort and during this time the interrogator made sure that the situation did not look like a "formal interrogation", the interrogatee had to be made to believe that he had engaged in a friendly discussion around. common interests. However, the report states that THC acetate is not the perfect 'drug of truth':

“The drug produces a psychological state of relaxation, talkativeness and irresponsibility which could be extremely useful for a trained interrogator. "

According to the program, the interrogator must be "familiar with the properties of the drug", and many of the former CIA (OSS) agent were paid to get high, literally out of the state's own supply stocks. ...

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