Green November 5 states vote

November green in the US, 5 states will vote legalization

Possibility of cultivating cannabis at home and the right to possess a dozen grams for personal use. November Green in the United States in parallel with the presidential elections, will be held in 5 states the possibility of holding referenda on the legalization of cannabis.

Recreational purposes

At least two of them are supposed to join the 4 countries that have already legalized cannabis in recent years… The consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes has been considered legal for more than 4 years in the United States, from Washington in Colorado and it's last two years in Alaska and Oregon.

These countries are now at the forefront of legalization in the world, but these few states are expected to remain at the top for a short while until the US presidential elections in November.

At the same time that the Americans put the ballot in the ballot box to choose their new president, they will vote, via a referendum, "For or Against" a legalization of cannabis and the opening of distribution shops. Hundreds of thousands of signatures are expected and enormous support from citizens who will be able to join in the green party.

Here is the list of countries joining the legalization:



The first state to be entered in the list, the most promising vote will be held in Nevada.

Also known as “The State of Sins,” Las Vegas announced a bill in November 2015 to legalize cannabis in the next election.

The Nevada Legalization Initiative (Regulating Marijuana Like The Alcohol Tax) will allow adults 21 and over to legally purchase up to 28 grams of cannabis, stores are expected to open nationwide and especially in Las Vegas.

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The state is proposing a 15% tax that will be directed to the education system, as has been done in Colorado.

The bill was officially introduced at the end of December 2015, garnering over 170 signatures - 000 more over the past year. Due to the enormous economic potential of cannabis, the city of Las Vegas has broad public support for the development of cannabis.

Nevada is considered the most likely country to fully legalize cannabis in the coming year.


California was the first state to pass laws that allowed the sale of medical cannabis in 1996.

To date, cannabis can be obtained easily by prescription, for about ten dollars. Medical cannabis in California is often prescribed to relieve various pains, and fight against sleep disorders.

After a dozen citizen attempts to fully legalize cannabis, California now has great chances for the upcoming referendum. Known to be the largest economy in the United States, California is the most important stage for the expansion of global legalization.

Over the past year, Jerry Brown has proposed three legislative initiatives to promote medical regulation via a legal basis that will be tabled through 16 proposals for full legalization.

The leader's bill has already won more than 600 signatures: well beyond the 000 signatures required. Californians are likely to hold “Green” celebrations during this year.



Another country that is very close to legalization, a bill officially came into being a few weeks ago.

Having accumulated nearly 99,299 signatures, the authorities decided to withdraw 51.543 signatures, claiming that they were errors in the register. (go find out why ...)

Activists initiated a petition to collect additional signatures for the authorities to approve the upcoming referendum. In the end, Maine has so far 61.123 signatures, an additional few thousand needed for the proposed law.

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If the bill is approved, residents of Maine will be able to own up to 70 grams per person and grow up to 12 plants per person - currently, large amounts in the United States.



The state of Arizona was in recent years one of the most fervent leaders in the race for legalization. But ultimately the 2014 referendum did not meet the requirements of the bill.

The current bill (Marijuana Law Regulation and Taxation) provides that anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to freely buy cannabis (no quantitative limitation), the whole country will be allowed to personally cultivate up to six cannabis plants, for personal use.

The last survey carried out as part of full legalization, shows that only 49% of the public supports this bill, a significant drop if we refer to the 53% of the previous survey.

Arizona is probably the least reliable state when it comes to legalization, despite this drop in participation, voices must speak for or against the cannabis movement. But it still seems unlikely that Arizona will join the Green Wave this year.



The most surprising news for the race to legalize marijuana in 2016 is Michigan. Indeed, the bill on the regulation of Cannabis changes formula, we go from a medical use to the creation of a legal basis for a recreational use and a total legalization.

Voting has started to gain support at a slower pace than in late 2015, it was only very recently that Michigan managed to collect enough effective signatures for a Referendum.

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