Norvatis enters the medical industry for non-smokers

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The pharmaceutical company Norvatis will market medical cannabis for non-smokers

Novartis, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, manufacturer of the drug Ritalin ... Soon the group will market medical cannabis products for non-smokers in dozens of countries; and in accordance with an agreement signed with the Canadian cannabis company Tillray.

Pharmaceutical group Novartis enters the medical cannabis industry

The Canadian Cannabis Society, Tilray announced Tuesday a cooperation with the Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis; producer of Ritalin for ADHD. (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)

This agreement between the large cannabis company and a pharmaceutical company is the direct continuation of the entry of large companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals. But also, tobacco, food and beverages in the medical cannabis sector.

Brendan Kennedy (Photographer: Galit Rodan / Bloomberg)

"This agreement will allow Tilray to have a distribution and sales channel in dozens of countries around the world where cannabis treatment will replace drugs," said Terlay CEO Brendan Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, this collaboration between Tilray and Novartis is the first of its kind, combining cannabis and a large pharmaceutical company.

In addition, it should be noted that in the year 2017, an agreement has already been signed between Tilray and Sandoz (a subsidiary of Novartis).

Similarly, the current agreement extends the scope of cooperation in 35 countries where there are medical cannabis laws. Under this agreement, Tilray will be able to use the distribution channels of the pharmaceutical company.

Cannabis Pharmaceutical Products for Non-Smokers

Tilray's CEO adds that "Medical cannabis interferes with Big Pharma and Novartis is smart enough to lead the movement. "

And, as a first step, Novartis intends to market only cannabis-based products medical for non-smoker.

"We'll go to more markets, faster," Kennedy said. "We can teach and educate doctors and pharmacists around the world with an approach proposed by Novartis. "

The agreement between Novartis subsidiary dedicated to generics and biosimilars, and Tilray must allow collaboration at different levels.

However, Sandoz will be able to take over the marketing of cannabis products that do not smoke.

Patents held by major pharmaceutical companies

In addition, a report released by New Frontier reveals that 7 patents on 10; and its components belong to major pharmaceutical companies.

Among its pharmaceutical companies, Novartis holds most patents in the Canadian cannabis sector, more than 21 ... And, according to experts ... "Big Pharma's entry into the world of cannabis has arrived. "...

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