New York State Approves Home Grow Medical Cannabis Regulations

Home cultivation regulations approved, new growers and processors approved by the Cannabis Control Board

This week, New York regulators are approving regulations on home cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes and issuing new adult use licenses. The Cannabis Control Board also approved amendments to New York's hemp program and this week appointed an associate attorney to the Office of Cannabis Management.

New York State regulators announced several developments this week in the state's medical and adult-use cannabis markets, as well as its cannabis hemp program.

According to a report by, the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) on September 20 passed regulations allowing patients to grow up to six medical cannabis plants in their homes, and caregivers to grow up to 12 plants to serve up to four patients.

The new rules also prohibit landlords from refusing to rent to medical cannabis patients and penalizing them for growing their own plants, according to the outlet.

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According to, the final home grow regulations have been revised based on feedback received during a public comment period, though some have raised concerns that the rules passed Tuesday set limits on numbers. plants that are too weak and that they don't account for Section 8 residents, who still can't grow cannabis at home due to federal restrictions.

At Tuesday's meeting, the CCB also approved conditional adult use licenses for 19 growers and 10 processors; the board has now issued 261 total conditional licenses for growers and 25 total conditional licenses for processors, according to

Additionally, regulators have approved changes to New York's hemp program that allow licensed hemp growers to sell their flower through a new type of license, according to the outlet.

Another rule change increases the maximum amount of cannabinoids allowed per serving in the hemp program from 75 milligrams to 100 milligrams, reported.

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Finally, the CCB voted unanimously on Tuesday to appoint Patricia Heer as the first deputy general counsel of the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) in New York. This post has been vacant since the departure of Rick Zahnleuter in July.

Patricia Heer previously served as the CMO's Deputy General Counsel, and prior to that founded a legal journal focused on cannabis court decisions, and held a position in the Department of Tax and New York's finances, reports

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