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New genetic strains for 2021

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5 varieties, unusual strains for 2021

Every new year brings new opportunities, new life chances, new resolutions, new plans and goals and, most importantly, new strains of cannabis! When it comes to aromas, indica strains tend to give off musty, earthy, and skunky smells, while sativas have a sweet smell, fruity or spicy. Here are 5 ideal strains for 2021.

Fortunately, events like the Emerald Cup are the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to experience the best of the best for each new year. Keep an eye out for these strains throughout 2021: soon your local dispensaries will be filling their shelves with some of these magnificent genetic masterpieces.

Mj Wedding Crasher
Mj Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher (Hybrid) - The strain that tastes like wedding cake

A new cultivar from one of our favorites, Symbiotic Genetics, the same breeders who produced one of last year's top candidates, Mimosa, Wedding Crasher, is the main cannabis strain that SG has released and released. sale to the public, but there is a good reason for this. No, unfortunately those "buds" won't give you the courage to hop into a few strangers' wedding reception and eat all their free food and drink all their open bar booze, but this strain is capable of doing things. much more valuable in our opinion.

The Weedding Crasher calms the mind. Its High is very heady giving its happy user a peaceful, tranquil but clear state, its effects last quite a long time. The Wedding Crasher 'high' is known to be quite exciting and chatty, so maybe these characteristics mimic what might happen at a wedding, but beyond that, it's also a type of marijuana. very medicinal. Besides, Wedding Crasher can make you tingle and feel uplifted, along with an increased desire to be creative. From a medical point of view, this strain is known to relieve cramps, muscle spasms, inflammation, and fatigue, as well as to resolve any mood, feeling or feeling that is depressing.

Finally, the icing on the cake is the flavor of Wedding Crasher, which resembles that of a vanilla wedding cake, mixed with hints of grape, making it a smooth, sweet and even sometimes. herbaceous, with a pleasant berry finish. Wedding Crasher is a genetic masterpiece produced by the crossing of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch.

Mj Sour Berry Blue Sativa
Mj Sour Berry Blue Sativa

Sour Berry Blue (Sativa) - The floating tropical strain

One of the most recent releases from Colorado-based The Farm Genetics, Sour Berry Blue is a sativa-dominant strain, bred from High Times Cannabis Cup winner Alpha Blue and Sour Strawberry. Known to be one of the most potent Sour Strawberry crosses, Sour Berry Blue is really no joke, with its flavor and aroma profile eerily reminiscent of a floating tropical paradise. With a taste of tropical fruit cocktail, with hints of sugar and berry, this strain is essentially a delicious sweet berry delight, with an equally delectable scent.

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Unlike many sativas, Sour Berry Blue's high is not so energizing, but leaves the user feeling euphoric and extremely uplifting. You will undoubtedly feel like you can kick back and relax with this sativa. The THC level of sour berry blue ranges between 20-26,5% on average. Prepare to let your body and mind soar into the depths of the sea, ending up on a tropical island paradise.

Mj Tropicana Cookies Sativa
Mj Tropicana Cookies Sativa

Tropicana Cookies (Sativa) - The strain that mixes breakfast and dessert

Developed by Washington-based seed developer Phat Panda, Tropicana Cookies is an interesting mix between Tangie, an ultra-lemony Dutch sativa, and Forum GSC. This sativa-dominant strain, which many say smells strongly of orange juice, carries many strong notes of tangerine and other citrus fruits, which are then balanced by its dessert notes, which are those of fresh baked cookies. baked, leading to a smooth overall creation that is essentially breakfast and dessert combined into one smokable, strong personality.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? Tropicana is known to create a state of excitement and focus, accompanied by a lot of happiness, laughter and excitement. Medically speaking, this strain is the best for dealing with depression when it comes to mind. On a physical level, it can help manage stress, eye pressure, cramps, and nausea. The buds of Tropicana Cookies are beautiful, a distinct dark purple and dark green, accented by bright orange hairs; a real pleasure to grow yourself. Unfortunately, the Tropicana Cookies strain isn't the easiest to find. It is sold by some partner companies, but dispensaries are only just beginning to know of its existence.

That's why it's best to call your dispensary ahead of time and ask if they sell this fruity treat. If you live in the Washington area, chances are you can get your hands on this Tangie x GSC crossover.

Mj Palm Tree Cbd Indica
Mj Palm Tree Cbd Indica

Palm Tree CBD (Indica) - The low THC strain of your dreams

Well-Balanced THC: The strain of CBD produced by Snoop Dogg's own cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop, Palm Tree CBD has been making waves lately, and we're pretty sure why. With a THC content of 4-13% and a CBD content of 6-12%, this delicious ganja is known for its calming and medicinal effects.

If you are generally a fan of low THC marijuana strains, you will definitely fall in love with palm CBD as it helps treat a wide range of medical conditions, including eye pressure, fatigue, stress, severe headache and inflammation. This strain has a strong citrus flavor, with elements of lemon, orange and other citrus fruits. Known for her distinct-looking, lime-green and particularly dense 'buds' with hints of purple and fluorescent orange hairs, as soon as this strain is around you, you'll know it. Its aroma is strong.

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The effects of Palm Tree CBD are not only calming, but also relaxing, drowsy, and euphoric, just like many of your other traditional cues. Additionally, Palm Tree CBD can have a potent high effect, which will not only leave you feeling happy and satisfied, but will also give you a tingling all over you.

Mj Mint Chocolate Chip
Mj Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip (hybrid) - The refreshing and rejuvenating strain

One of the most recent releases of ExoticGenetix, the industry has been going wild over this entire seed line lately, with many delicious choices, all ultimately coming from the stable genetics of Mint Chocolate Chips. This strain is the genetic cross between SinMint Cookies strain and Green Ribbon BX, Mint Chocolate Chip is actually the odd pairing of two opposing genetic lines, resulting in a pretty intriguing end product.

The initial flavor of this strain is earthy and diesel-like, followed by a minty and creamy finish, which is honestly quite refreshing and rejuvenating. The buds of this strain are known to be filled with a dense resin, which gives them their shiny and sparkling appearance. Consumed in small doses, the effects of Mint Chocolate Chip remain euphoric and relaxing, inducing happiness and creating mental energy, but when consumed in higher doses, this type of cannabis is known to make its user less functional. .

If you don't mind lounging on the couch all day and watching a bit of Netflix, then higher doses are perfectly fine, but if you're planning on doing something, lower your doses. From a medical standpoint, this type of herb is the best for dealing with depression, stress, headaches, inflammation, and pain. If you are a grower, you are in luck.

The easiest way to get this bud is to buy the seeds directly from ExoticGenetix, and grow your own mint and chocolate plants. It can still be a bit tricky to buy this marijuana at a dispensary, so growing will always be the easiest option if you feel qualified to do it, or if you're up for a little challenge.

Final thoughts on new strains and strains of cannabis for 2021

If you are a seasoned user and have entered the year not knowing where to start, we hope that this article will give you all the necessary information so that you can discover them first and especially not to miss it.

If you are new to the cannabis world, there are without a doubt 5 beautiful strains that are well worth every penny you spend on them, and you can tell all your stoner friends that you got to try out some of the hottest new strains. exclusive to the market before they even know it.

We hope you found this article not only entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and that good judgment should always be used.

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