Neutralizing Negative Effects of Cannabis

Neutralizing Negative Effects of Cannabis
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Neutralizing the Negative Effects of Cannabis - 5 Remedies from "Grandma" to Relieve That "Bad Trip" Sensation

This phenomenon does not worry "officially" about the quantity consumed; it varies greatly from one individual to another and this, apart from the negative impact it provides. The popular wisdom offers us 5 remedies that can naturally relieve this feeling of ... heaviness

The Bad Trip

The "excessive" use of cannabis - especially for beginners can sometimes lead to a feeling of dizziness, headaches or a feeling of anxiety known as "Bad Trip"


The Bad Trip becomes very unpleasant after a short time, it fades after two hours. However the dizziness is very unpleasant and so in this case, you might want to consider real solutions other than gnawing your brakes ... Social networks are rich in small tips to overcome the excess of THC in the blood, it goes from marshmallow to fresh air ... Here we summarize the natural solutions available to all.

1. Sugar

One of the most popular solutions that virtually all marijuana users use, adding sugar to the menu immediately within two hours of the alleged "Bad Trip".

Sugar Rush ...

Foods rich in sugar provide the body with a very large amount of energy in a relatively short period of time. This "Burst of Energy" (Sugar Rush) is an acceleration of the metabolism and can get you out completely dizziness and other concerns of gravity ...

Two square of chocolate, two tablespoon of sugar should close the deal and stabilize you quickly.

2. Vitamin B1 and Calcium

According to studies conducted in the past, the presence of vitamin B and its level in the blood, helps to protect the nervous system. Vitamin B1 promotes the optimization of biological processes, accelerating metabolism.Vitamin B1 can be found mainly in cereals and wheat (including wheat flour or whole wheat bread), barley, oats and brown rice.

Seeds are a great natural source of vitamin B1

Calcium has a similar role in maintaining the nervous system; it allows to regulate the electrical signals of the body. Higher levels of calcium should result in a reduction of this feeling of oppression created by high levels of THC


Many netizens report that the combination of vitamin B1 and calcium-magnesium in tablet form, is effective solution in the 10-20 minutes following the "bad trip". This can be considered an undeniable comfort factor

3. Fruit juice with D-limonene

Juice made from citrus fruit, such as bitter orange, lemon and grapefruit, are also a very effective solution if freshly squeezed. It is a non-negligible natural sugar intake that causes an irritation of the taste buds (bitterness and refreshment) that balances the pH of the mouth. A mouth often dried up by the use of cannabis.


These juices contain D-limonene (very present in lemon), same substance that is sometimes found in certain strains of cannabis. It is a natural constituent of some trees, plants, fruits and vegetables. It is found among other things in citrus peel (orange, lemon, lime, etc.), pickles, celery, in orange oil and in several essential oils. D-limonene is known to relieve anxiety.

4. Thermal Shock & Ice Cream

Another stimulation to relieve the nervous system, not very pleasant but certainly the one that stands out the most consumers of weed; the instantaneous cooling of the body ...


The most creative combination whose mechanism is to eat ice cream in a cold bath, but the entry into a bathroom without ice cream could do the trick, or briefly a simple shower ...

5. Medical Cannabis

Another cure but this one in preventive, the consumption of herbs rich in CBD and thus indirectly low in THC. This is probably the recommended solution for beginners, and the most effective.


CBD consumption will neglect the oppressive influence of cannabis; a herb rich in CBD, even when combined with THC (Cannabinoids indissociable from a plant), helps to reduce the negative impact, and cancels the nausea. Cannabinoides CBD prevents darkening of the mind (heaviness).

In addition to medical benefits, medical cannabis allows you to continue smoking while neglecting the slightest resentment of "Bad Trip". This is the solution chosen by many consumers, even in the case of recreational use.

Many countries have legalized its use for therapeutic and recreational purposes.
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