Morgan Freeman's weed is of interest to Russian media


Russian media blame Morgan Freeman for consuming weed. This in response to his call to investigate Russia ...

After appearing in a video calling for more investigations into Russia's participation in the US elections (Committee to investigate russia), the Russian media attacked the actor. Which has led to accusations that Morgan is having problems of all kinds, due to his weed use !!

russian media, Committee to investigate russia, Morgan Freeman

Committee to investigate russia

Last week, a nonprofit to disseminate information about Russia's role in the 2016 US presidential election was launched. With the help of some influential Hollywood names, the Russia Inquiry Committee aims to "help Americans recognize and understand the seriousness of Russia's continued attacks on our democracy."

russian media, Committee to investigate russia, Morgan Freeman
Director Rob Reiner at the launch of "Committee to investigate russia"

With the launch of the operation, came an introductory video, starring director Rob Reiner and actor Morgan Freeman. Resulting from this broadcast, a strong reaction from the Russian media… Which is quite logical, except that in this case, the weed is under attack… Most of these reactions were directed towards the video of Freeman… The Hollywood icon states that the United States "has been attacked by the Russian government".

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"Hysterical Freeman"

As you can imagine, most of the media is state controlled in Russia. The propaganda has been directed to our favorite herb ... Rossiya 24, featured a legend on a show. And this one was noted: " Hysterical Freeman" page (in French).

russian media, Committee to investigate russia, Morgan Freeman

But that was not all, because the Russian network also introduced a panel of psychiatrists… They analyzed Morgan's behavior. They tried to explain how the actor's appearance in the video meant Freeman had " a messianic complex". Which they believe is the result of playing "God" with presidents in the past. It was then that Freeman was accused of having problems, all because of a " excessive workload And because of his " use of marijuana '… The “perfect” rhetoric of budding prohibitionists… Note that Freeman is considered a “cannabis hero” around the world…

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