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What is the MoonRock compared to the SunRock?

CBD Oil - 2,75% - 10ml

MoonRock and SunRock are a special type of cannabis bud. They combine heads, oil and kief.

MoonRocks and SunRocks are a special combination of cannabis bud, concentrate and kief. The combination of these three elements will allow you to reach very, very high summits. But which would be the stronger of the two? Reply :


The Kurupt MoonRocks appeared on the scene not so long ago and quickly became the cannabis of choice for the most adventurous smokers. MoonRock is created by soaking the bud of Girl Scout Cookie strain in hashish oil and then smearing it with kief.

When you think about it, MoonRocks are basically the panopoeia of cannabis. Being made of friable, dusty cannabis, with extremely high content of THC. The Kurupt MoonRocks rise to about 60% THC.

For a long time this kind of candy with incomparable power was considered the strongest weed in the world, but ...


Recently, other potent cannabis products have appeared on the market. The SunRocks ... They are now sold by a few producers, including Big Tray Dee and Apollo SunRocks.

Although you may think that the two products are almost identical (a bud coated with concentrate and sprinkled with kief), the material used to create SunRocks is of better quality.

Both manufacturers take premium buds, a kind of GO or Girl Scout Cookies. These quality flowers are soaked in a sticky layer of cannabis extract, then sprinkled with a hint of kief.

SunRocks at Big Tray Deee's Rocks generally consist of a very thin layer of concentrate and kief, with a THC content of about 80%.

Apollo rocks, however, typically have a thicker layer of kief and about 60% THC.

SunRocks are infused with concentrated THC rather than hashish oil. In general, SunRock smokers make a small touch during consumption, by adding dried cannabis.

SunRocks are powerful and are not recommended for beginners!

SunRocks are made by infusing concentrated THC into the bud of OG, then sprinkling the kief bud. The Apollo SunRocks also use OG, but they infuse their bud with propane - concentrated hash oil, which eventually becomes a solvent - free wax that they also coat with kief ...

The price of quality ... A high THC

The SunRocks are selling at 550 $ for 28 grams, or about 25 $ per gram, which may seem like a high price ... But this is not that expensive considering the price and the terrible quality of the product.

The SunRocks are powerful. Like MoonRocks, SunRocks typically produce 60% THC test results, and in the case of King Louis OG SunRocks they can go up 80% THC...

It is advisable for anyone starting the SunRocks to start with a pinch and mix it with a little more standard cannabis rather than just smoking the SunRock. Indeed, SunRocks are obviously too powerful for beginner smokers, but also for experienced smokers ...

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