What is Moon Rock?

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What is the difference between moon rock weed and Sunrock

Moonrocks and Sunrocks are a special type of weed (head of weed) that combine bud, oil and kief. Moonrocks and Sunrocks are the combination of these three elements will get you to very, very high heights. But which would be the stronger of the two? Understand the similarities and differences between lunar rocks and solar rocks.

Moonrock or moon rock: What is a Moonrock?

moon rocks

Kurupt's MoonRocks appeared on stage not too long ago. She quickly became the cannabis of choice for smokers the more adventurous. MoonRock is created by soaking the bud of the Girl Scout Cookie strain in hash oil and then coating it with kief.

When you think about it, MoonRocks are basically the panopoeia of cannabis. Being made of friable, dusty cannabis, with extremely high content of THC. The Kurupt MoonRocks rise to about 60% THC.

Kurupt moonrock
Kurupt moonrock

For a long time this kind of treats with incomparable power were considered the strongest weed in the world, But…

Sunrock or solar rock ?

Sunrock infused

Lately, other potent cannabis products appeared on the market in addition to moonrock. Sunrocks are now sold by a few producers, including Big Tray Dee and Apollo.

While you might think that the two products are almost identical (a bud coated in concentrate and sprinkled with kief), the product used to create Sunrock is of higher quality than that of moonrock. a real weed caviar.

Both manufacturers take premium buds, a sort of OG or Girl Scout Cookies. These quality flowers are dipped in a sticky layer of cannabis extract, then sprinkled with a hint of kief.

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Big Tray Deee's Rocks SunRocks are usually made with a very thin layer of concentrate and kief, with a THC level of around 80%. Apollo's moonrocks, however, typically feature a thicker layer of kief and around 60% THC.

The SunRocks are infused with THC concentrated rather than with hash oil like on moonrocks. Generally, Sunrock smokers do a little bit when smoking, by adding dried cannabis.

SunRocks are powerful and not recommended for everyone unlike Kurupt's Moonrock.

Sunrock infused
Sunrock infused

SunRocks are made by infusing concentrated THC into the OG bud, then sprinkling the bud with kief. Other producers like Apollo also use OG, but they infuse their bud with concentrated propane hash oil, which then becomes a wax without solvent which they also coat with kief.

Moonrock VS Sunrock: The price for quality and high THC

SunRocks sell for $ 550 for 28 grams, or about $ 25 per gram, which may seem like a steep price. But ultimately. it's not that expensive considering the price and the terrible quality of the product.

Like MoonRocks, they typically produce test results at 60% THC. In the case of SunRocks manufactured by King Louis OG, they can go up to 80% THC

It is advisable for anyone who is just starting out to start with a pinch and mix with some more cannabis standard rather than purely smoking. Indeed, SunRocks are probably a little too potent for novice smokers, but also for experienced smokers. In conclusion SunRocks are more powerful than Moonrocks.


Why smoke moon rock

The reason stoners love Moon Rock is the instant hit that takes you to a magical land that can't be visited with any other strain. You get the idea, but that's not the only reason cannabis enthusiasts are crazy about it, literally. This is because the trip to Mars does not require you to sell your house or a kidney. Instead of emptying your pocket of a hundred dollars, you can get this beauty at minimal cost. But if you bought the same ingredients separately: the same nugget, the same extract and the same kief, the scenario would be different for your bank account.

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The pros:

  • It's the only potent cannabis that can get you high like it's humanly possible.
  • It is not very expensive
  • It has medicinal benefits
  • It makes you laugh, talk, and give you a happy high without anxiety

Drawbacks :

  • Even though we like it, being extremely high can be ugly
  • La best way to use it for smoking and to take full advantage of it is essentially by bong because rolling is difficult and can be unpleasant
  • It should be stored in a cool place as the heat turns it into a sticky, sticky substance that cannot be revived.

Step by step guide to smoking homemade moonrocks

What do you need?

  • one gram of moonrock
  • one gram of flower
  • preferably a bong or pipe
  • a lighter

step by step

  • Break the moonrock with your hand or a knife into small pieces.
  • Fill a normal bowl with flowers and add a piece of MoonRock on top.
  • Start slowly lighting the top with the lighter, so that it melts and mixes with the flower below.
  • Be careful NOT to touch the hot MoonRock as it will burn you.
  • Inhale the large clouds that form inside your device making sure your fingers are away from the socket
  • breathe out!

What you experience in moonrock or sunrock is the THC taking over and transferring you to another dimension while you are sprawled on the couch.

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