These models delivering weed to New York


Green Angels models deliver marijuana to Rihanna

There are a thousand ways to get weed in New York, but the Green Angels have devised a new strategy to stand out: hire models to be their dealers or more exactly dealers ... Its top model founder herself, runs the cannabis delivery industry in Manhattan alone… Visit behind the curtain in this exclusive and elitist little world that is the joy of New York stoners.

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The operation of the Green Angels

Honey is the Founder and CEO of Green Angels, an elite delivery service that employs young models. Their mission is to deliver weed to quite famous stoners, like Justin Bieber and Rihanna. As well as a close network of New York-based customers. Honey started the business in 2009. She quickly learned how to get around the NYC ban they least expected with attractive, educated women who are trained to handle any situation.

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

But the Green Angel model is obviously built on the feminine ideal, the girl next door, accessible, smoker and who knows more than any customer ^^ On arrival she will offer a wide choice of cannabis dishes; like top quality weed at $ 50 per gram, tinctures at $ 80, vape for $ 140 or caramel lollipops at $ 30 ...

Exemplary security

Green Angels clientele is based on a personal referral. In addition, there is a strict set of rules in place to ensure the safety of the girls and the business. First and foremost, the "angels" are not allowed to deliver to the client's apartment. But also the models in question, do not have the right to conduct their business in public places.

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

If a client abuses the privileges that are included in a membership charter, or acts to reveal information deemed incriminating. Then they will be automatically kicked out… However, if they bully, scold, or harass any of the girls; customers will be surprised to face the company's security department… Indeed the safety of the girls at Green Angels is above anything else, even if that means losing a customer who pays well.

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

The models are acting under a false name, moreover they are tracked by their own phone. Once they get the assignment, they are sent directly to the client's house. When the girls do on a run, they are responsible for dressing up as Green Angels. Basically in a very New York modern style. Outfits that are too sexy, too “marijuana” are not allowed. Because Honey thinks it attracts the attention of unwanted police or their customers ...

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An atypical top-model boss

Honey is an excommunicated Mormon supermodel from the Rockies. The "honey" (Honey) is not her real name ... It is a pseudonym that she chose to answer the GQ report, now pregnant she prefers to remain anonymous. Honey started the business in 2009, she got the weed in the square next door. Then like any drug dealer, she made her bags and sold them… She spent her time watching CNN reports and how the war on drugs was breaking the dealers…

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

Today, his total spending averages over $ 300 per month on marijuana. And plus about $ 000 for cabins, cell phones, rent for various secure homes, and other administrative costs. She makes a profit of $ 30 per week.

“I like to see a bunch of money in my living room,” she says.

A few years ago, Honey says, she started delivering weed, for free, to Rihanna. Her hope was that Rihanna would promote her to Green Angels in case the legalization ever became national… About Rihanna she would say:

“She's very smart, vicious. I can see it's not someone you can fuck ”

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

The power of girls & the Ganja

The success of Green Angels rests entirely on the power of girls associated with marijuana. In addition to being pretty and communicative, they are totally passionate about their work and the grass.

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

Honey, has gone from teenage supermodel to millionaire entrepreneur. And with a handful of girls she shares almost the same story with. In general, these girls have lost everything by contracting the famous American student loan debt. Today they are chasing their dreams, the Green Angels show that the Ganja and the girls go hand in hand!

supermodel, Green Angels, Rihanna, dealer, models

Cannabis has changed thousands of people and millions of lives because of its incredible medical benefits. Green Angels show us that cannabis can also help young women get a future career. And while remaining themselves, and graciously paid ^^

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