Study: 50% of MMA fighters use cannabis

As regulators relax restrictions, almost half of MMA fighters consume weed

According to Jeff Novitzky, UFC vice president of health and performance, "This is the question that fighters ask me in the first place. 45,9% of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters are frequent users of cannabis, according to a survey conducted by the American magazine The Athletic.

170 fighters from major American MMA franchises, such as Bellator and UFC, were interviewed to find out whether they used cannabis, whether recreational or medical. Among them, 45,9% declared that they “currently use marijuana” and 4,7% declared having used it once and having stopped.

Jeff Novitzky, UFC senior vice president of health and performance, said the results were not surprising and "completely accurate." This is because, according to Novitzky himself, "I have had a lot of conversations with the fighters about this. This is the number one subject on which the combatants question me.

Nate Diaz. Appearing after winning the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter, record holder of Bonus of the Night and protagonist of one of the most memorable trilogies in UFC history with Conor McGregor, is a regular and known consumer of cannabis.

In fact, Nate and his brother Nick are both advocates and consumers of weed. They even went to press conferences and weigh-in ceremonies while smoking a joint. Nate said that he used it for recreational and therapeutic purposes, since cannabiol (CBD) has regenerative properties favorable to body cells.

This is one of the points highlighted by the survey: 76,5% of those interviewed said they used CBD products for post-fight recovery.

There is only one argument " Weed improves performance"I don't think that's the case," said Novitsky. "No, I think it's prohibited for health and safety reasons. But if you smoked on Thursday evening or even Friday evening before the fight, no one will stop you and the situation will not improve the next day. Cannabis, to date, remains on the list of prohibited substances governing the sport system in the United States. However, their tests only detect the last three days after consumption ...

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