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Mitzva Herbal Co, the first company to sell legal cannabis edibles Certified 100% Kosher (Kosher)

Based in California, Mitzvah Herbal is the first company to sell certified 100% kosher infused food on the market. You'll find gourmet Swiss cookies, brownies and chocolates. In fact, the founder of Mitzva Herbal co, Shifra Klein, is the mother of four children. She is an integral part of the Orthodox community in Los Angeles. She is also a supporter of medical marijuana. Note that two of Shifra's children have special needs and experience symptoms that only cannabis can alleviate. In addition, their lives have been heavily influenced by the medical use of CBD oil.

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

Legal kosher cannabis

Various cultural, political and even religious groups are involved in the green rush for legal cannabis. Thus, Mitzva Herbal Co, Shifra Klein is the first to open a canna-business within the Orthodox community. With such a demographic, the Orthodox Jewish community is turning to cannabis for its medical and therapeutic uses. Of course, infused edibles must be declared kosher, like any other product ingested under the law of kashrut. This is what makes this company a world first. But we owe this acceptance to some debate that has taken place in the past about whether cannabis is kosher. The CEO of the Orthodox Union in the United States, the Rabbi Menachem Genack, stated that :

“The use of medical cannabis products recommended by a physician should not be seen as a 'chet', a sinful act, but rather as a 'mitzvah', an imperative, a commandment. " 

Others said that Cannabis, like lettuce, is kosher, provided it is free from insects. And if cannabis is edible, it's fair game as long as you don't mix it up with prohibited foods. Due to changing attitudes in the religious community, companies like Mitzva Herbal are starting to enter the legal cannabis industry.

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

The way we see it at Mitzvah Herbal Co. is that we would feed our patients only what we would feed for our own children.

Kosher certification (kosher)

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

Klein had to redouble his efforts to gain acceptance for his products, a lot of time and money was invested. The Orthodox Union is the largest and widely recognized Kosher certification agency in the world. It certifies more than 800 products located in 000 countries around the world. Kosher certification is not easy to obtain, so Mitzva Herbal Co has a proven track record.

Our kitchen, where our products are made and packaged, has been carefully checked by a certified “OU” rabbi. It is randomly and regularly verified, ensuring that our cuisine and its ingredients meet all approval standards and that the cleanest and most widely used ingredients are used in our products.

The educational mix

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

Their products are dosed at a maximum of 10 mg per piece to ensure accurate dosing for medical purposes. But also Klein offers microdosing, at 1mg per piece. This is particularly beneficial for children in a way, as well as a large portion of their patients who are not experienced with edible foods at 150 mg…

Mitzva Herbal Co wants to assure its customers that their first experience with a cannabis-infused food will be the right one.

THC, CBD & Hybrid range

Mitzva Herbal Co now offers about 14 different products, but their product line is expanding. Each of their products is infused with THC, CBD or Hybrid. The company currently offers three different brownie flavors.

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

But also 3 flavors of crispy treats, six different flavors of gourmet Swiss chocolates (praline, caramel, mint, etc.), and three different flavors of peanut butter cookies and more. This summer, they will add to the menu: candies, gummed treats, pretzels covered in chocolate, muffins, granola, tinctures, etc.

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

Mitzva Herbal Co also offers seasonal and holiday items such as Chocolate Bark, Chanukah Chocolate Coins, Purim Hamentashen, Chocolate Covered Matzah for Passover (Passover), etc. Mitzva Herbal also has an organic infused and bottled coconut oil free for sale.

The mitzvah of Mitzva Herbal Co

Herbal Mitzva, Kosher

Klein has always struggled to make a canna-business work within the Orthodox community. His persistence has helped many find relief in the ordeal. And in the near future, she intends to expand her business. Shifra Klein intends to visit synagogues and Jewish community centers to open the dialogue around legal cannabis as a healing tool.

We are now looking at Mitzva Herbal Co for a certain level, a new step. Because, we have the impression that it touched so many people, but we are just at the beginning. We are looking at investment opportunities, joint ventures, and looking at our options beyond California. We are really happy to be where we are, but we are ready to share Mitzvah Herbal Co.'s “mitzvah” and our philosophy for more comfort.

Eventually Klein would like to have a committee of rabbis and members of the religious community in the medical field of cannabis.

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